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Jaw-dropping realization of this morning: the number of fans participating in Yuletide is bigger than the number of fans who vote for the Hugo awards.

Last year's Yuletide participants: 1995
This year's Hugo voters: 1800 or so - ETA: 1848, by official report.

I'm not even sure why I'm so surprised by this random comparison. Probably it's because I roamed around in SF/F con fandom before media fandom, and this feels like such a strange crossover.

It's also boggling because the Hugos carry a lot of prestige (I think, still?) and yet the group that votes for them is so small, and confined to people who are paying either tons of money to go to Worldcon, or $50 for a 'voting membership' that won't let them go to the con, but gets them copies of the books.

And I don't know how big the overlap with Yuletiders is; I'm betting it's there, but not huge. But I'm fascinated, anyway.

(What do you think the chances are of John Scalzi winning a Best Novel Hugo for Redshirts, if the Yuletide participants were the ones voting?)

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This is so cool, and I think it's a first for me: a podfic of one of my stories! With multiple readers, even:

[podfic] The Tough Guide To Fantasy Cities (24 words) by klb, reena_jenkins, Wesle
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Tough Guide to Fantasyland - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Podfic, Collaboration, Humor, Fantasy

You will not encounter any rustic taverns, bards, or bowls of stew on these tours! Instead, expect nightclubs, rock singers, and lots of gourmet coffee.
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This year, I wrote one story for Yuletide, in a favorite book fandom - the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy by Martha Wells. It was a lot of fun revisiting this universe and working on a possible future for Tremaine, Ilias, and Giliead after the end of the third book.

When the Sea Is (7183 words)
Fandom: Fall of Ile-Rien - Martha Wells
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ilias/Tremaine Valiarde
Characters: Tremaine Valiarde, Ilias (Ile-Rien), Giliead (Ile-Rien)

Summary:  Tremaine had been living in Cineth for more than a month now, and so far, none of her more pessimistic predictions had come to pass. She hadn’t gotten anyone killed, not even Cletia; she hadn’t added Ilias to her previously dismal record of broken relationships; and she hadn’t been homesick for Vienne at all.

Thanks to [personal profile] dorinda and [personal profile] torch for cheerleading!

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Dear Yuletide writer:

Hi! Yay, you share at least one of these wonderful fandoms with me, and I’m so glad you chose it. Have an excellent Yuletide! And please do not worry: optional details are optional, and any prompts are only there in case you’d like to have something to kickstart your story.

Things I love, in general

I love happy endings, especially after tense, difficult situations. Some of my favorite story tropes are hurt/comfort, A sacrificing himself for B, and "A thinks B is dead, but he's not really", but I also love light, funny stories, plot, snark, missing scenes, understated longing, ordinary domestic days in the life of the characters, epistolary stories, and stories written from an outsider’s point of view.

Things I love about these particular fandoms:

Invisible Man, Darien Fawkes and Bobby Hobbes )

Elfquest, Cutter and Skywise )

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, Hercules and Iolaus )

Mask of Apollo - Mary Renault, Nikeratos and Thettalos )

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I had a blast writing two stories for Yuletide this year:

The Tough Guide to Fantasy Cities for [personal profile] jjhunter.
Gen, 2800 words.
Fandom: The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by Diana Wynne Jones. I love that book, and there were some great stories for it this year.

Summary: You will not encounter any rustic taverns, bards, or bowls of stew on these tours! Instead, expect nightclubs, rock singers, and lots of gourmet coffee.

1000 Advocaten op de Zeebodem for [personal profile] jae.
Het, 1900 words.
Fandom: Pleidooi, an outstanding Dutch television series written by Maria Goos. This one was a real challenge, because I wrote it in Dutch. Sure, that's my first language and all, but I've never written fanfic in it! Another Yuletide first, and what fun.

Summary: Ga bij me weg op een stralende dag.

And my Yuletide gift was a lovely creepy-but-not-too-creepy Hercules and Iolaus story, Bearing Gifts, by [personal profile] jessikast, yay!
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Hi! Yay, you share at least one of these wonderful fandoms with me, and I’m so glad you chose to write them. Have an excellent Yuletide! And please do not worry about the tl;dr below: optional details are optional, and only there in case you’d like to have something to kickstart your story.

Things I love, in general
I love happy endings, especially after tense, difficult situations. Some of my favorite story tropes are hurt/comfort, A sacrificing himself for B, and "A thinks B is dead, but he's not really". I also love light, funny stories, plot, snark, missing scenes, understated longing, ordinary domestic days in the life of the characters, epistolary stories, and stories written from an outside point of view.

Things I love about these particular fandoms:

Lost Room, Burn Notice, Vorkosigan Saga, Hercules: the Legendary Journeys )
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For Yuletide '09, I wrote:

All Our Scattered Leaves, for [profile] jadesfire2808
Rating: G, no warnings
Fandom: Lord Peter Wimsey books by Dorothy Sayers
Summary: A selection of letters and diaries on the eve of the Armistice.

This was a ton of fun to write, if slightly intimidating, too -- this year was the first time in all my years of Yuletide that I'd felt brave enough to sign up for Sayers, and I should have realized that meant I would infallibly get the assignment! *g* But I got a lovely prompt from my recipient, asking for a spotlight on some of the minor characters of the series, and it was a joy to immerse myself in these beloved books again to try and pick up their voices.

(There was also a small foray into the Women at Work documents section of the Imperial War Museum, which is fantastic; even if you can't actually search the source documents unless your library has a subscription, you can click on the links in the essay and find a ton of amazing documents, like the report on the work of Queen Mary's Needlework Guild during the Great War; the name makes it sound charming and small, but in fact this was a massive organisation of women, all volunteers, who made and shipped all kinds of supplies for the Front; after the first German gas attack, these women provided millions of improvised gas masks, made out of khaki wool and bits of cinema film for the eyes.)

For my Yuletide gifts, [profile] galerian_ash generously wrote me not one but two Trapeze stories, yay! It was wonderful to get these, especially as Trapeze is so tiny a fandom that I think these were the first two stories written for it. These stories were exactly what I wanted: the warmth and sweetness of a proper happy ending for the movie, with Mike and Tino together again. And they cover two different moments; the first story, To Catch a Catcher, has the reunion of Mike and Tino after the movie, which feels just right; the second story, A Reason for Waking, was my Yuletide Madness treat, and shows them later on in their relationship. I didn't even twig that these were written by the same person, which shows you what a Yuletide sleuth I am, but they are both adorable.

To Catch a Catcher, by [profile] galerian_ash
Rating: G, no warnings
Fandom: Trapeze
Summary: Mike might be stubborn, but so is Tino.

A Reason for Waking, by [profile] galerian_ash
Rating: Mature, no warnings
Fandom: Trapeze
Summary: A morning in New York, one year after leaving Paris.
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So, [personal profile] dorinda told me about this 1956 Hollywood movie I should see called "Trapeze", and I did, and loved it -- I am adding it to my Yuletide list, in fact, because this is a movie that simply cries out for fanfic. It almost, almost gets to the point where a slash fanfic ending would not even have been necessary, and then stops. Seriously, it's like the last reel has just gone missing somewhere.

"Trapeze" stars a young, gorgeous Tony Curtis as the up-and-coming talented acrobat who wants to learn the triple salto and a somewhat older, still gorgeous Burt Lancaster as the crippled, experienced ex-acrobat who winces every time he sees so much as a dangling rope, and the equally gorgeous Gina Lollobrigida as the Italian intrigante who aims to become the star of the circus and tries to break up their partnership.

The boys wear tights. And arm wraps. And...not really much else? I think some pants and shirts are involved when they're not in the circus, but they look very good in those, too. Gina wears breathtaking gold spangled outfits. Did I mention this movie is in Technicolor, and filmed in an actual circus?

The boys gaze at each other with (on Tony Curtis' part) industrial amounts of joyful flirtiness and wide-open longing and (on Burt Lancaster's part) dizzying amounts of inner pain and nobility and secret yearning, and then they hold discussions about the catcher/flyer relationships, and about their hearts beating in time, and they train and try for the triple salto mortale together, and then there is the actual flying, and the intense emotional entanglements that should revolve around Gina and yet always, always come back to just the two of them.

Screencaps and discussion and movie download links over at [personal profile] dorinda's place! Bring potluck!
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I've only dipped a toe in the sea of Yuletide stories, but what little I've read has been wonderful. I hope to post some recommendations later - probably after the reveal, so I can rec the other stories in the fandom I wrote in without fear of giving myself away.

(The usual offer applies - if you guess the story I wrote before the reveal, I'll write you a drabble of your choice, provided it's in a fandom I know, or something longer if the inspiration strikes. You only have today to guess, though - reveal's tomorrow! *g*)

Meanwhile, I want to point to the two Yuletide stories I received. I got very lucky again this year, and I thank both my authors so much! I can't wait to find out who you are.

The Labours of Iolaus.
Rated PG-13.
Fandom: Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Summary: The problem, Iolaus thought, was that Hercules just didn't know how to say no.

Cheerful, funny Hercules/Iolaus, yay! This made me grin a lot and go "aw", and there's some very inventive use of the 'official' Hercules myths, with just the kind of twist the show would have used.

Rated G.
Fandom: Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes, crossover.
Summary: A glimpse of a possible encounter near the end of one career and the start of another.

I'm going to be a little vague here, but this is a crossover between Sherlock Holmes and another detective series of my heart, and it's wonderful. I love all these characters so much, and I adore the way they are written here. I may as well admit that this story made me cry, but it is not depressing, and completely Merry-safe. :-)
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Dear Yuletide writer:

Thank you so much for offering to write some of the fandoms I love most! You are clearly a person of exquisite taste and discernment, and I <3 you.

Fictional packages tied up with strings )
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As of today, Yuletide challenge fandom nominations have opened. Go submit thy fandoms! Remember, this is not yet the point where you sign up and commit yourself to writing a Yuletide story; this is where you list the rare fandoms you would like to write, or get a story in. Nominations are open until October 31st, 11:59 pm US Eastern time, so you have some time to make your decisions.

I will probably be nominating old favorites like Hercules: the Legendary Journeys (I know, surprise surprise), The Real Ghostbusters, Sherlock Holmes, Ile-Rien and Invisible Man, but I might still change my mind on any of those, so if you want to make sure, do please go nominate them yourself.

If you've witnessed the Yuletide madness spread through fandom every year, but never joined in yourself, and you're wondering what the fuss is about, here's a post I prepared earlier: Yuletide For Newbies, or, what is this yuletide thing anyway? This post is from 2007, and the dates will not be the same in 2008, but the rules probably will be.

Also: if you are thinking of joining Yuletide this year and you have questions or worries that you don't want to ask the Yuletide mods yet, please comment below and I will do my best.
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I love seeing all the author names go up. Now I can thank [ profile] quasar237 for The First Time is the Hardest, and [ profile] zortified for A Good Day, and [ profile] roga for I Friend You, You Friend Him, and [ profile] falzalot for Festival Day! Woot! I was so, so lucky this year.

I was lucky in my assignment, too, because I got [ profile] vongroovy, who asked for the fandom I had just fallen for, the Real Ghostbusters (the cartoon based on the movie, where Peter is gorgeous and still sarcastic as hell, and Egon has Serious Moonlight hair, and both the writing and voice acting is absolutely first-rate -- ahem. Yes. More about RGB later) and who added great details, along the lines of "Peter/Egon slash with ghosts and adventure would be great, and plz hold the tortured emo wangsting and gazing into each other's aquamarine/jade/crystalline eyes." Yay! said I, and wrote this:

Into Still Water Like a Star
Real Ghostbusters, Peter/Egon, PG.

"I'm not having fun, Egon. And I'm hungry." Peter leaned a little to his left, giving Egon the 'poor pitiful me' look in full-color closeup. "You know not having fun is bad for me."

Many thanks to [ profile] aka_arduinna, [ profile] ltlj and[ profile] therienne for beta, and my love to [ profile] flambeau, who is entirely to blame for the ending.
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Back again from the holidays; great fun, lots of long walks, came home with a cold. Am consoling myself with tea, eggdrop soup and Yuletide stories, which is just the best comfort there is - it's like grazing off a buffet with more than 2000 different dishes, you can't go wrong. I'm trying to leave comments as I go, and I'm bookmarking my favorites for a longer recommendation post later on.

Right now I want to draw attention to my favorite story so far, which is The Case of the Broken-Hearted Liar, a Holmes/Watson story that just about knocked me off my feet with its intensity. Gorgeous language, excellent character voices, and very lush and sensual in a believably Victorian way.

"We are here to observe to-night, Watson. I doubt there will be any events of interest for your pen, but I am, as always, glad of your company."

The rush of warmth at Holmes' heartfelt comment left me momentarily quiet, tracking his motions in the near-dark, the angling shadows created by his chilly smile. Before I could find words Holmes waved them away, uninterested in emotional demonstrations unless, it seemed, he was the one to make them.
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With a whole bunch of exceedingly nosy relatives grouped about me, I've still managed to manoeuver myself and my laptop so that none of them can see the screen or appear suddenly and heartstoppingly at my shoulder -- which means that I have managed to read all my Yuletide stories and am now trying out the posting-without-interference thing. Fingers crossed.

Yes, I did say all my Yuletide stories. I'm completely verklempt, here, and it was very hard to keep my composure and not go eeee! out loud a lot and startle said relatives. I got four stories, which. I. seriously. FOUR STORIES, in three different fandoms, and they're all wonderful. They seriously are, and they complement each other beautifully, and I loved reading all of them. O Yuletide fairy goddess type people, you rock, and I am so grateful and gleeful and thrilled, I can't tell you. I scatter rose petals at your feet, and thank you so very much!

It is so lovely to get presents you can share. Here are my presents, come read them!

First, my official story: The First Time is the Hardest, set in Martha Wells' Fall of Ile-Rien universe. (Ilias/Giliead, NC-17.) Gil and Ilias go hunt their first wizard, and have a very tough time of it, and I loved the adventure and suspense and the deep trust between them. The way this story makes connections with other events in the books and the worldbuilding feels exactly right. I read this lovely long & plotty story in three bites, with long walks in the dunes in between, and that was just perfect - I spent the whole walk worrying about Gil and Ilias and Gil's father Ranior succumbing to the evil wizard and scarybad things happening to them, ohnoes!* Thank you so much, my wonderful author, I adored it.

Then there was A Good Day, Real Ghostbusters (PG).
Peter Venkman deals with a difficult ghost, alone. Again, I adored this - short, vivid, crammed full of action, a fiercely determined Peter Venkman and some understated but warm hurt/comfort, which are things that go together like tea and chocolate, yum. The only complaint I have is that I wish to read more of this story, moremoremore! *is greedy*

Then, Festival Day, also set in Martha Wells' Fall of Ile-Rien books (PG-13 for swearing).
Fabulous first line: "In the months since Tremaine has arrived in Cineth, she hadn't wanted to kill herself once, but it was certainly looking like an attractive option today." and the rest is just as good. Syprian celebrations, with Tremaine in her new position as head of the household, and it's just warm and fun and delicious, with a perfectly written Tremaine. I love it.

And then there is I Friend You, You Friend Him, Hercules: the Legendary Journeys (PG).
Iolaus and Hercules deal with one of Salmoneus' most insidious inventions ever.This. I. *flails* This is sheer demented genius, much like Salmoneus himself. It made me laugh like a drain, and the scary thing is that I can totally see this happening on the show. Just fantastic, and you should really read this even if you don't know from Hercules, because I guarantee it will crack you up.

*hugs all of Yuletide*  Happy holidays!

*(They do not get eaten by the sharks at this time.)
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There's a post up in [ profile] yuletide_admin about the dates for Yuletide Madness, which is a part of the yuletide challenge where people are writing last-minute pinch hits and stocking stuffers and extra stories just in case a pinch hit falls through, and there is this tremendous drive to make sure everybody has a story no matter how obscure the fandom they asked for, and I absolutely love it: fannish glee and generosity at its best.

Sadly I won't be hanging round IRC to catch the excitement this year: I'll be gone for a week or so starting this Friday, and I will probably have internet access, but the real trick will be finding private quiet time to devour the Yuletide archive after it goes live on the 25th.

So, my dear Yuletide author, my feedback may be a couple of days late, but I will be as fast as I can and am so looking forward to your story! I saw my request go out on the pinch hit list this morning, so I know you're having to scramble at the very last minute, and I love you for doing it: you rock. Also, please don't worry - my love for all four of these fandoms is mighty and fierce, and just knowing that you're writing a story in one of them is making me happy. Yay Yuletide!
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I have to get on a train in ten minutes, there is not enough time to squee at people on IRC, so I do it here.

I have gotten my (real true one and only) Yuletide assignment and I'm so excited. Yay! *bounce bounce bounce*

Howzabout you?
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Thank you for offering the fandoms I love! You rock! May you have a fabulous Yuletide.

Here are some optional prompts and ideas. I haven't really done this prompt thing before, and I'm worried that I might somehow cause you to throw your own wonderful ideas overboard, so please don't feel bound by this in any way! I love all these fandoms, and just getting a story for one of them is going to make my day.

My bullet-proof kinks are hurt/comfort, one character sacrificing him/herself for another, and "A thinks B is dead, but he's not really". But I love light, funny stories too, and plotty stories with snark and worldbuilding, and adventure stories with fighting and magic, and stories with understated pining and angst that end in love, and stories that show an ordinary day in the life of the characters.

For Ile-Rien:

I would adore an Ilias, Giliead and Tremaine adventure in Vienne, or a story about Gil and Ilias as kids/teens and their developing friendship, or one that deals with the more difficult aspects of being a Chosen Vessel.

For Hercules: the Legendary Journeys:

I'd love a story about Hercules and Iolaus at Troy, or a Hercules/Iolaus first time slash story from their Academy days, or a story where Hercules and Iolaus have a tough time dealing with something/someone from another mythology, or with an element from the Greek myths that we haven't seen on the show yet.

For Venture Brothers:

ETA: I'm worried about you being worried, so just to be sure: I chose 'any' and meant it. Anything below is just in case you are the kind of writer who likes specific idea or character prompts as a starting point. I will be absolutely delighted with a VB story about any and all of the characters, I promise!

I'm not so much about the porn with this fandom, though I admit having some slashy speculations about Doctor Orpheus and Doctor Venture in that motel room together, but really, you don't have to go there unless you want to. :-)

A Team Venture adventure story would be great, or a story about Brock Samson at his most dangerous, or about the Monarch and his henchmen, or about Dr Girlfriend and/or Doctor Orpheus saving the day and showing off their mad skills. Mentions of Bowie a plus - I am a longtime Bowie fan, and the last two episodes of season two made me insanely happy. In short: crazy plans! Daring escapes! Banter and bizarreness! Henchmen and hijinks! GO TEAM VENTURE!

For The Real Ghostbusters:

Anything with an actual bust or ghosts/myths/villains in it would be wonderful! I also adore the little domestic bits the series often has in the opening scenes, so a 'day in the life' story would be great.
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The signups for the Yuletide challenge have started, yay!

We have until October 18th to sign up, and I haven't done it yet, myself, but that is mostly because I want to look at the fandoms that have been requested and offered so far, in all their colored glory, and watch the numbers go up before I decide what to request and what to offer. (For example, right now, there are 14 people offering Hercules stories, and nobody requesting any. Aw.)

If you keep seeing people on your friendslist talk about Yuletide and are wondering what they're on about, here is a post explaining the basics of the Yuletide challenge that I wrote last year. I've updated the details and dates where necessary, so everything in the post should be good for 2007; however, always check [ profile] yuletide_admin and the official Yuletide FAQ first.

I can't believe we're at 617 people already, with signups only open since Friday. Holy smokes. Go Yuletide!
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Yuletide nominations have started, and are open until next Tuesday, yay! (This isn't the part where you sign up to write stories yet; it's the part where you nominate fandoms you want to offer/write in the challenge, to cut down on the Ginormous Fandom List of Doom.)

I have nominated Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, The Real Ghostbusters, Venture Brothers, [ profile] marthawells's Ile-Rien novels, Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar novels, and, um, something else - I think it was Donald Westlake's Dortmunder novels. But I'm sure about the first five, so you can take those off your list! *g*

These aren't necessarily all the fandoms I will offer to write, or ask for stories in, but they're definitely on the short list, and since we only get six nominations, I'm hoping other people will nominate the slightly bigger fandoms I love, things like Sherlock Holmes and Invisible Man and Vorkosigan and Wimsey and so on.

I'm getting ridiculously excited about Yuletide again; I'm usually away for a walking holiday around Christmas, and if I'm home I don't celebrate it except by eating big dinners, so the Yuletide challenge is more of a holiday ritual for me than anything I'm used to around that time. (I do celebrate Sinterklaas, which is December 5th, and is all about sweet things, strangely wrapped gifts and writing poems for people, so Yuletide is a nice followup in every way.)

It's not just the writing to deadline and the promise of a story on the 25th; it's also the whole secrecy thing, the worrying about what to offer and what to ask for, and how much detail is too much, and then the assignment comes and with that comes panicking and reassuring and secret pact making and in some cases, the writing of fake stories and lying to one's best friends until one is blue in the face. So Much Fun.

Are you doing Yuletide this year? *pokes flist*
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Participating in the Yuletide challenge was so much fun this year. I beta'ed some fantastic stories, did my best to keep deep and dire secrets, and wrote two stories of my own: my assignment and a pinch hit.

Here they are! I've linked to the Yuletide archive, but the stories are also available on my website.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my stories - you made my holiday so much brighter with your feedback. (And if you left an email address with your comment, you'll hear from me. *g*)

The Unexpected Affair of the Injured Detective. (Arthur Conan Doyle -- Sherlock Holmes).
PG, slash, Holmes/Watson. Written for Am-Chau.
Summary: Holmes comes home from work.

Imperial Audience. (Naomi Novik - Temeraire)
G. Written for Esteliel.
Summary: What if Laurence did not escape a meeting with Napoleon?
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First set of Yuletide story recommendations is here, second set is here.

The Buried Treasure Racket (The Sting). PG-13. Slash.  Johnny and Henry find another mark to con, but there's more than money at stake. Pick a couple of empty hours, find yourself a good chair, and read this long, satisfying, utterly wonderful story. In the giant heap of amazing stories this year, this one stands out. WOW.

For me, it arrived at a perfect moment: I had just rewatched The Sting and I'd also just read The Big Con by David Maurer, which IIRC was the basis for the movie. This story takes up where the movie left off, but it's an entirely standalone story where Johnny and Henry pull off another brilliant 'long con'. The author did her research - on cons, on sleight-of-hand, on the right kind of slang - and folded it effortlessly into the story, and it's like the best kind of caper story AND the best kind of subtle, warm, delicious slash story all rolled into one, and seriously, what do I say to make you all read this RIGHT NOW?

The Mostly-Secret Diary of Rick (The Young Ones). PG. Adrian Mole's diary, as written by snotty Rick. Hee! I think the poetry was my favorite part. I love this aspect of Yuletide - I wouldn't go hunting for The Young Ones fanfic, because I was pretty much content with the show itself (ditto Blackadder, AbFab and other British comedies), but I came across this story on the archive and it's just hilarious.

Cleopatra's Needle (The Addams Family). PG. Morticia as a young woman, gardening in the suicides' graveyard and meeting Gomez for the first time. There was a bumper crop of excellent Addams Family fic this year, and this one is my favorite. I always loved Morticia and Gomez' relationship in the cartoons and the movie; this story could be from either, though it has some movie references, and it's beautifully written and just as twistedly romantic. I believe they met just like this.

Four Things Howl Never Told Sophie and One Thing He Did (Howl's Moving Castle). PG. Howl and Sophie are growing older. When [ profile] therienne recs a Howl story I know it'll be good, and this was just adorable. Tender but not schmoopy, and Howl and Sophie's voices both felt very right.

Pimp and Pomposity (Blackadder). R. Blackadder procures some company for the Prince of Wales. Wow. Perfect Blackadder voice, lots of witty dialogue, references to other episodes and running gags, and even a dig at Austen. HEE.

Area 51 (Queer as Folk UK) NC-17, slash. Stuart and Vince make a road trip to Area 51 and have an alien encounter. People have been recommending this already, right? I just haven't seen it? I hope so, because it's a funny, sexy Vince/Stuart story, and then there's the bit near the ending where I died with glee. It turns into a crossover, and one that I have been wanting to read for the longest time. (Okay, a hint: Vince's last name is Tyler.)

Back Row Hecklers (Muppets). PG. Why do Statler and Waldorf keep coming back? Aw. Bittersweet and adorable. Small flaily frog!

Yes, Sir, Jeeves (PG Wodehouse -- Jeeves and Wooster). NC-17, slash. Wooster takes on the role of Jeeves' manservant. This is just wonderful - language and voice perfectly Wodehousean, which is a triumph in itself, and completely in character for both. Plus such a lovely plot that I wondered at Plum for not using it himself. I may have maiden-aunted my way through the explicit bit at the end, but that was very well written too, and I completely adored the whole thing. Just, YAY! I'll be rereading this, definitely.
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I wrote two stories for Yuletide this year. Want to guess which?

If you guess either one of my stories, I will make an icon in any fandom you want/write you a drabble or a snippet in a fandom I've written in before, you choose. If you guess both stories right, I'll be surprised and deeply suspicious. *g* But I'll still write you a small story or make you icons, because I can't think of other things to offer. Except for the 'pretend to support you in your next flame war' option [ profile] merryish offered, hee. I like that one.


- one of my stories was well over the required length, the other was a bit shorter.
- one of the fandoms has been around for a long time, the other one is pretty recent.

And no, if you were a beta for a story or someone (me, I hope!) told you what I was writing, you can't play, sorry. *g*

I won't comment on any guesses until Jan 1st, when the author names go live.
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My first set of Yuletide story recommendations is here.

Crumpled Pieces of Paper Found in the Wastebasket of Count Rugen. (Princess Bride). G. Short and hilarious, and a fantastic title, too. Hee.

An Unwilling Heart (Diane Duane -- Young Wizards series). PG-13. Tom and Carl's first meeting. Long, plotty, wonderfully rich in worldbuilding detail, I just adored this, and it manages to feel fresh and original and still very closely linked to the original books in style and theme.

The Taste of Honey (Sandman). G. Death and Delirium visit a city. This is gorgeous, very Gaimanesque, with a wealth of little, odd details. Not many stories written in second person present work for me, but this one does.

darkness and beauty of stars was on my mouth. (Sandman). PG. What does the New Corinthian dream of? Shivery and lush, and I love the ending.

reflection. (Sandman). G. Delight meets Delirium. Bittersweet and true-feeling, plus a perfect Delirium voice, wow. Love the socks and the tiny elephants.

A Maze of Twisty Passages, All Alike. (Lois McMaster Bujold -- Miles Vorkosigan series). PG. Ivan and Gregor are in trouble, and they'll do anything rather than wait for rescue, especially from Miles. Sheer delight from beginning (the title!) to end. I love Ivan and Gregor's competence in the face of danger - they're both so much more than they seem, and this story delivers that beautifully. The clever dialogue made me laugh out loud, and the resolution warms my heart. Oh, Ivan. Oh, Gregor.

The Long Con. (Lois McMaster Bujold -- Miles Vorkosigan series). R. Ivan and Byerly go out on the town. For spy reasons, obviously. Hee. This was just so much fun;  I adored Alys' and especially Miles' reaction, that was just perfect.
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I feel like Scrooge McDuck swimming in his gold coin warehouse when I'm browsing through the Yuletide archive. So many good stories - I haven't even read all the ones in my very favorite fandoms yet, but here are some of my favorites of what I've read so far.

Hercules ex Machina (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys). PG. A lovely, funny Hercules and Iolaus adventure, full of great lines and true to the show and their characters - and I'm going to be a little vague about this, but they meet a character from another mythology in a way that just works beautifully. This story just fills me with glee.

No Fish No Go (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys). G. A drabble: Hercules and Iolaus go fishing. You know that's not going to end well. Hee. I loved this, it's perfectly them.

In the Dark (Dead Boy Detectives). PG. Rowland and Paine talk in the dark. Quietly warm, adorable and in character; this hit just the right note for me, and I loved the conversation about the comics.

In The Tracks Of The Bear (Elfquest). R. After a bear hunt goes wrong, Strongbow and Bearclaw find that they're more alike than they thought. Not a pairing I'd ever thought about (though as the creators said, the elves have all visited each others' dens at one time or another), but the author makes it work, and I really liked the imagery at the end.

True North (Elfquest). PG. Skywise and Shenshen talk at Sorrow's End. Skywise was always my favorite. I love Shenshen's sensuality here, but also her seriousness, and the way Skywise is both tied to the world and detached.

Days Gone By (Elfquest). PG-13. Cutter and Skywise slash, not explicit; set during their stay with Nonna and Adar. (There should be more Cutter/Skywise, people, OMG. Or Cutter/Skywise/Leetah. Why is there not a gigantic archive somewhere? And if there is, why has nobody told me?)

Death in the Tuileries (Dorothy Sayers -- Lord Peter Wimsey). G. Lord Peter Wimsey and Bunter meet in Paris during the War and deal with their first case. Love the setting, and the first glimpse of their working relationship.

At First Sight (Diane Duane -- Young Wizards). G. Awww. Tom and Carl acquire a pet. This is just the story equivalent of a Cute Overload post.

Day of rest and gladness (Avatar: the Last Airbender). G. Speaking of cute, this story just melts me into a puddle. Warm and happy and just so right. Oh, Momo. Oh, Appa. Myfavouritethingmyfavouritething!

A Thousand Miles (Avatar: the Last Airbender). G. Avatar isn't just about the cute, though, and I really have to do a post about this amazing show sometime soon. This story broke my heart into little pieces and then glued them together again, with the help of a certain conniving and altogether admirable uncle. This is Zuko at his lowest ebb, right after the Agni Kai, and this is Iroh at his finest, and this is just how it happened. I treasure this story.

Home for the Holidays (Terry Pratchett -- Discworld) G. Worth it for Vimes' reading of 'Twas the night before Hogswatch' alone, and an excellent Pratchett voice. Lady Sybil negotiates, and Angua meets the in-laws.

Please, if you read these and like them, comment to let the authors know!
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I had just enough time this morning to get online, find my story (YAY!) and throw it into my ebook; then I got to read it on the train.

It's an Invisible Man story, and I adore it. Thank you so much, dear Yuletide Santa! *dances*

It's got all the things I love about Iman plus some things they somehow forgot to add but that we all knew were happening anyway. In fact, this should so have been part of their Christmas episode. Did I mention this has an invisible Darien stalking Hobbes while he's doing his Christmas shopping? And that it's got a great snarky Darien voice, or that those bits near the end are making my glasses fog up? Yeah. Also, the connection between Hobbes and Fawkes is my absolute favorite thing about Invisible Man, and this story just nails that.

Don't know who he thinks he's kidding. Says Bobby Hobbes doesn't do Christmas. I remind him that I did Hanukah. Tells me he has some errands to run. I say why I don't go with you and we can catch the new Bond flick when you're done? And then he pulls some dumb excuse about getting the van winterized and dropping off the dry cleaning and picking up a fifth of Chivas for The Official and a box of ass-wipes for Ebert and he doesn't know how long it's all going to take and how `bout tomorrow? Yeah, right.
Read Coito Ergo Sum (PG-13, Darien/Bobby) - and please comment on the story if you liked it!

And if you happen not to be an Iman fan - there's a THOUSAND and FIFTY-TWO multifandom stories now live on the archive, people. Holy wow. *runs off to read*
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My friendslist is full of posts about baking cookies and cobbler and things, and it's very festive and cheering. I thought I'd join in, because I made brownies today for the First Time Ever and they actually turned out pretty good; they fall apart a wee bit when you cut them, but they taste delicious, rich and squidgy and chocolatey.

Here's the recipe, from BBC cook Delia Smith, the most reassuringly reliable TV cooking person I know ("I'm always getting letters from people who think their brownies are not cooked", she says. Hee.) It uses four different types of nuts, but I just used 100g of walnuts instead, as I have a ton of those, and mmm, walnuts and chocolate just go together.

I don't really celebrate Christmas, but I am so excited about OMGWTFYULETIDE!! There's 920 stories lined up right now, and by tomorrow morning, we'll all be able to read them yay! (Note, time zones differ, but the archive is definitely opening on the 25th for most. You can always check the counter on the front page. *g*)

Everyone who wrote a story for the Yuletide challenge, or any of the other seasonal challenges: thank you, you rock! And those who went above and beyond the call and wrote pinch hits or stocking stuffers: thank you, you are fearless and made of awesome. [ profile] astolat and [ profile] elynross, who have cheerfully been putting in tons of work on this: GO YOU, and thank you so much. Wheeeee! Yuletide!

Dear Santa!

Nov. 3rd, 2006 02:19 pm
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I'm madly packing stuff for a weekend trip right now, but I wanted to leave a note for my [ profile] yuletide Santa. Eeeeeeeeee! Yay, you offered to write a story in one of the fandoms I love most! You wonderful person, you! What excellent taste you have. *adores*

I hope my request details are helpful, but if they're just getting in the way of this fantastic story idea you just had, please ignore them and write your idea. I really really really love all the characters I requested, and a story featuring them is going to thrill me, I guarantee you.

There is one fandom I requested that is live, as in 'on US TV right now' - don't worry about spoiling me, I pounce on every episode the moment it's out.

*jumps up and down* YAY!

(PS: OMG, can you believe assignments went out just after the signups closed? How awesome is that? Mad applause for [ profile] astolat and [ profile] elynross!)
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As you could tell from my previous post, I'm really excited about the Yuletide challenge. I haven't signed up yet, I'm still deliberating my choices (which, OMG, are hard) but [ profile] astolat has contrived something wonderful this year: on the fandoms master list, you can now see how many people have requested or offered to write stories in each fandom. With Christmas-themed color coding, even.

I keep looking at that page. The numbers are interesting - it's not always the fandoms you expect that have gathered the most people in so far. And it's more offers than requests, because you can't request more than four fandoms, but you can offer as many as you want. Right now, it looks like this:
  • Twenty-three people offered to write Neverwhere? Wow.

  • Seventeen people offering Temeraire! (Okay, that one I did expect. *g*)

  • Ten people offered to write Iliad or Odyssey fic.

  • Four people offered to write something in Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser series. I wrote a Fafhrd & Grey Mouser story for a previous yuletide, and I did some mighty Googling afterwards, but I never found any other fanfic for it anywhere. So if any of these offers get matched, that means the Leiber fanfic will have increased by 100%, eee!

  • Eight people have offered to write something set in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. Despite my LJ nick, I don't think I'm that brave; go them!

  • Invisible Man has eight people offering, and three people already put in a request.

  • A stunning twenty-nine people offered to write Princess Bride stories.

  • A single brave, wonderful person has offered to write something in Martha Wells' Ile-Rien series. Woo! I hope there'll be more.

  • Seven people have already asked for Lord Peter Wimsey, and ten people are offering. Yay!

ETA: And now there are two people offering Ile-Rien, yay! Must. Be. Strong. Must Not Keep. Refreshing. Page.
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Woohoo, we can sign up for the 2006 Yuletide challenge now! Get yer rare fandom story here!

And this year, the rules have changed a bit regarding rare fandoms: fandoms that used to be decent-sized but have died down a lot are eligible once again. This means that Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and Invisible Man, among others, are back on the fandom list. Wooo!

In case you're wondering what I'm on about: please look at Yuletide Challenge For Newbies, or, what is this yuletide thing anyway? on the [ profile] yuletide community.

In brief: the Yuletide Challenge is a yearly Secret Santa fan fiction challenge that has been around since 2003. The focus is on rare fandoms, from fandoms so tiny that nobody's ever written a story for them to fandoms that used to be decent-sized, but have died down to a small trickle of stories.

If you participate, you will get a story in that one, rare fandom that you always wanted to read, written just for you. And you'll be able to make someone else happy by writing a story in their fandom, just for them. The stories can be gen, het, slash, or anything in between; you can also ask for specific characters. The stories will be at least 1000 words.

Hercules fans, other fans, everyone, please sign up! It is tons and tons of fun and there are over 1400 fandoms to choose from, including anime, tv, movies, literary and meerkats. (No, seriously.)
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Yay, the Yuletide challenge is on again! Now it feels like autumn.

Since there was such a humongous fandom list last year, the organisers are defining 'rare fandom' this year as a fandom that has less than '500 stories at any online archives *combined* (including'.

I'm not quite sure if Hercules: the Legendary Journeys can reach 500 stories. The fandom feels tiny to me, but it was bigger once: a lot of writers and fannish attention drifted away from it before I even entered the fandom. Most of those stories are still online. And I don't read all the various pairings: I've no idea how many Ares/Joxer stories there are, for example.

So I was a little sad, thinking of my tiny wee fandom perhaps not being wee enough for the yuletide challenge, and then I got a grip and realized that while there was Hercules fic for yuletide last year, it consisted of me writing a last-minute story for [ profile] ltlj and [ profile] ltlj writing a story for [ profile] therienne. Which...we could do any time, really. I mean. I know who you guys are. *g* Perhaps a small Solstice challenge for the [ profile] hxyh_challenge comm?

But then, if I want to join in the Yuletide challenge, I have to find other fandoms I dare write for, which is a puzzler. I'm not sure if I can find something as challenging and as fun to write as Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser or the Wee Free Men. I hope the fandoms being suggested will spark ideas.
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I haven't made my way through the Yuletide Archive yet. Hah. As if. I haven't even made my way yet through the fandoms which I love, let alone the ones I know or have heard of. But of the stories I've read, these stood out to me:

The Hidden Spring (Fall of Île-Rien series, rated PG-13) - by [ profile] voleuse, for [ profile] falzalot
[ profile] marthawells' new fantasy series was one of my own requested fandoms, too, and I was overjoyed just to know that someone had written a story for it; and then I read it, and it blew me away. In seven connected vignettes, [ profile] voleuse tells the story of Gil and Ilias, culminating in the most horrifying experience of their lives - an event hinted at in the Fall of Île-Rien series itself, and one which I was (and am) desperate to read more about. Beautiful, spare use of language, and the angst just builds and builds. I know this is one story I'll be reading over and over, and it will help tide me over until The Gate of Gods comes out.

Early Light (Fire From Heaven, rated PG ) - by [ profile] louiselux, for Cori Lannam
I love Mary Renault's Alexander trilogy, but what I've read of the fanfic generally didn't work for me for one reason or another. This one did. For me, this story of a young Alexander and Hephaistion hits exactly the right note, and sounds uncannily like Renault, to boot. So subtle, so emotionally charged; I adored it.

Livin' In America (Bainbridge Avenue 2:00am) (Hellblazer, rated R) - by [ profile] ladysisyphus, for Angie
This is John Constantine at his snarky best, riffing on It's A Wonderful Life, America, and all things sentimental: "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings, huh? They don't tell you that removing them takes a chainsaw." Love him. Fear him. Accept no substitutes.

Haloa Gifts (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, rated R) - by [ profile] ltlj, for [ profile] therienne
Wherein Hercules and Iolaus have another rough day. Loved this story to bits, and yes, I bet my socks it was by [ profile] ltlj after reading this exchange:
Hercules lifted his brows. He said pointedly, "The griffin ate people."

"So? We won't eat the stomach."

"Iolaus, it's not just the stomach, it's all through its--" He gestured helplessly. "If you don't get that, I can't explain it to you."

"Oh, come on," Iolaus said persuasively. His stomach was growling and at this point he didn't care how foul the thing tasted. "We eat other animals that eat people."

"Name one."

I knew he was going to say that. Iolaus didn't hesitate. "Lions."

Civilization (Miles Vorkosigan, rated G) by [ profile] rhyo, for insptr_penguin
Set during Barrayar: Aral Vorkosigan muses on his prisoner-of-war. This reads like a missing page from the book. And how lovely to get Aral's perspective on Cordelia - why yes, I do have a crush on Aral. *g*


Jan. 1st, 2005 11:44 pm
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OK, for anyone who somehow missed it, the [ profile] yuletide Obscure Fandom Secret Santa challenge has now posted the names of all the authors on the Yuletide challenge archive. I'll be hunting down a lot of new, unfamiliar, wonderful authors after today.

And I've updated my site with the stories I wrote for the challenge:

This Way To The Egress (Discworld, rated G)
For Djelibeybi, a Discworld story featuring the Nac Mac Feegle, Death, and general mayhem. Many thanks to [ profile] elynross, [ profile] halimede and [ profile] therienne for beta'ing, Highlander quotes and encouragement, and the Online Scots Dictionary and Scottish Vernacular Dictionary for saving my butt. *g*

Slings And Arrows (Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, rated PG)
For [ profile] ltlj, a Hercules/Iolaus story set after the episode Not Fade Away. Again, so much thanks to [ profile] elynross, [ profile] falzalot, [ profile] halimede and [ profile] therienne for very speedy betas.
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I'm back, I'm home, I've consumed much champagne, hence short but deliriously happy post. Lovely home, lovely champagne, lovely lovely yuletide story!

It is called A Diversion, rated PG, it's Vorkosiganverse and features Miles and Bel on another bizarre mission: "After all, you can only spend so many hours on expense reports before death and danger begin to look good."

Thanks so very very much, dear Santa, and I hope you got a good present too.

A very happy New Year to all, filled with massive amounts of good things and lashings of fannish glee.

Will answer emails and post recs and things when fireworks have stopped and brain is back online. Wheeee!

Dear Santa

Nov. 10th, 2004 12:47 pm
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A note to my Secret Yuletide Santa, who asked for clarification:

First of all, thank you so much for taking this on! I am thrilled and excited and I can't believe I managed to resist temptation and not look up your IP address, but I did. *g*

Second: I intentionally left things wide open by only asking for characters and not adding any details, but I didn't mean to make it harder on you, whoops. To clarify: I like slash, I like het, and I like threesomes (what are threesomes, anyway? Het, slash, a law unto themselves?), but I also like gen. I like romance, snark, drama, humor, hurt/comfort, smut, angst, adventure, and surprises. I adore all the fandoms and characters I requested, and a story featuring any of them will make me fizz with joy. Wheee!

:puts out Leonidas chocolate and a crunchy carrot for the reindeer:
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Yeah, so it's all over your friends list already, but I have to pimp too: the (deep breath) the Second Annual Yuletide Treasure Obscure Fandoms Challenge signup form is up, and Hercules: the Legendary Journeys made it onto the whopping big list of rare fandoms, whee!

So. Now you all need to join up. Besides Hercules, there are tons of fabulous fandoms to pick from - to name a few favorites at random, the Vorkosigan books, [ profile] marthawells' Ile-Rien series, the Iliad, The African Queen, Hellblazer, Indiana Jones, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic, The Master and Margarita (I love whoever suggested that one), Neverwhere, Some Like It Hot, The Persian Boy, The Princess Bride, Seven Samurai (and again. So much love to whoever suggested it), Hamlet, Lord Peter Wimsey, ...


OK, OK, I'll stop. But. Do remember: this is an omnifannish challenge. You can offer to write gen, het or slash in a multitude of fandoms. You can ask for the same, or for threesomes, or for campfire bickering, or what you will. So there's really NO EXCUSE for you not to sign up before November 8th. Got that? Good.

Now go join, I want to write one of you a story...
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Daily wordcount: 125
Total wordcount: 11389

It's going slowly, but it's going, and I haven't missed a day of my 100 word quota since the 2nd. Also, I've gotten both Herc and Iolaus in big trouble, so go me.

Running: 25 mins today, at a slow 'you should be able to have a conversation' pace, but still : 25 minutes! Wahoo! And in beautiful crisp clear fall weather, too, with beechnuts crackling underfoot.

Yuletide: OK, the Yuletide obscure fandom story challenge is gearing up, and the rules have changed a bit this year - to the good, I'm thinking. All the details are in those two links, but here are the salient points as far as me and my big pimpin' hat are concerned:

- anyone can join in except the people who defaulted last year. So join! Yes, YOU!

- only rare & obscure fandoms are allowed: no Harry Potter, no Buffy. I remain firmly convinced that Hercules: the Legendary Journeys is a rare fandom. And so is, oh, Barrayar, and Hamlet, and...lots of things. "Why not let the wild?"

- now's the time to start posting requests. You can request as many fandoms as you want, and include specific characters, for both stories you want to read and stories you want to write. This isn't the sign-up round yet, so you aren't tied to any of those requests, although you do have to take them seriously.

- this time, when the sign-up is live, you can include specifics with the story requests if you want. That means that you could request, let's say, a Hercules story featuring Hercules and Iolaus, and add a specific request like "Slash, please, I don't care about ratings, just have Iolaus call the shots!" To give a completely random example. But you can also leave that field blank. I think extremely specific requests run counter to the secret santa idea, but then again, if you tend to write humor and the person you're writing for has a big yen for a death story, that might be handy to know beforehand.

- the best part of Yuletide is writing a story for someone else and making them happy, because you wrote something that they wanted, something just for them. And there are lots of people on my friends list I would like to make happy, but how can I if they won't JOIN? Are you getting the point, already? *eg*

See, earlier I was angsting about not being adventurous enough - because while I can think of pairings to request, I can only think of Hercules/Iolaus to actually write, and that seemed so lame. (OK, maybe with Nebula thrown in the mix, but still.) I toyed with Iolaus/Ares, but it's too tough for me, and I also think the definitive Iolaus/Ares story has already been written. But then [ profile] halimede reminded me that Yuletide is about writing a gift for someone, not making your brain explode in frustration, and I had to agree, especially when she pulled out the big guns: "And in a medium dominated by women, the idea tends to arise that you have to go beyond your comfort zone to the point of masochism, because otherwise, you're not being altruistic enough." Well, yeah. Boo to that, then. *g*
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(Suddenly realized I need a Woohoo! icon. All my present ones express, at the most, mild pleasure. I know I'm in a rut, but sheesh. Aaaanyway:)

The Yuletide challenge will return this year! Also known as While We Tell of Yuletide Treasure or the Obscure Fandom Challenge.

I participated last year and it was terrifying tremendous fun. I wrote, I beta'ed, and I was presented with not one, but two wonderful stories, plus a whole archiveful of others to read.

For anyone who doesn't know what in Tartarus I'm talking about: WWTOYT is a cross-fandom story challenge on the Secret Santa model. You submit a bunch of obscure pairings you would really really like someone to write a slash/het/gen story about just for you - and yes, some of those pairings can get pretty damn obscure, which is half the fun - and a second bunch of pairings which you venture to write yourself. The intrepid organisers, [ profile] tzikeh and [ profile] astolat, will match up one of your requested and offered pairings. You receive notice for whom you are writing a story, so you can go read that person's LJ or website and see what sort of things she likes, if you want; but you don't know who is writing a story for you, or about whom.

And then the stories go live on Christmas morning, still without the writers' names attached, and everybody starts reading and posting recs and trying to figure out who wrote what, and it's just joyful madness all round.

I am urging everyone on my friends list to join in this year, especially the H:tLJ fans - our fandom is so small by now that there is no pairing that doesn't qualify for this challenge, as far as I know. (Xena/Gabrielle is another story.) And of course this is a chance to ask for other pairings, crossovers, anything you've secretly always wanted to read. The more the merrier.

For news updates and further info, I direct you to [ profile] yuletide. Go join, please. :-)

ETA that it's not only a cross-fandom challenge but that, as [ profile] tzikeh pointed out, slash, het and gen are all equally welcome - it's pan-fannish, in other words. Woohoo!
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The yuletide challenge has been transformed into the New Year's resolution challenge, where anyone can look at the list of unfulfilled requests and write a story for a pairing that takes their fancy. (The participants in yuletide were asked to give three or four pairings, so there's a lot of requests left over even though everybody got a story. I asked for Hercules/Iolaus, Hornblower/Archie, Hornblower/Pellew and Inigo/Fezzik.)

I didn't know about this challenge, so imagine my delight when I found out that I'd gotten a story!
[ profile] therienne wrote it, it's called Bed and Breakfast, it's a deliciously snarky Hercules/Iolaus story, and I love it. I couldn't have gotten a better start to the New Year. Here's an appetizer:

The room was about what could be expected from the rest of the inn, and the roof was leaking directly onto the small straw mattress. Wordlessly, they each went to one end of the bed to move it to the other side of the room. The rotted top of one of the posts snapped off in Iolaus' hand. He threw it to the ground in disgust.

"I'll sleep on the floor," he announced.

"On that floor?" Hercules asked, too aghast to remember their feud.

Both of them scrutinized the floor for a moment. Iolaus shuddered.
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Now that we're well into the new year and I'm back from my winter holiday (have learned to chop wood! I feel so butch), I'm allowed to reveal that

- [ profile] eyebrowofdoom wrote the gorgeous Hornblower story Knowledge, Late in the Day for me (thank you again!).

- I wrote Swords Against Dreams for [ profile] lynnmonster, set in the Fafhrd & Grey Mouser series of fantasy books by Fritz Leiber.

More about Leiber and my yuletide story )
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I love the obscure fandoms that fellow Yuletide ficcers have come up with, especially the book ones. Here are a few that I particularly enjoyed that haven't already been recced to death:

- modus vivendi. Chronicles of Chrestomanci, PG-13. This reads like Diana Wynne Jones, and that's the highest praise I can give. Tonino Montana (from The Magicians of Caprona) settles in at Chrestomanci Castle and encounters cats of various sizes.

- Unexpected Gifts. Barrayar, R. Three Barrayar stories for the price of one! Such good ones, too. And there is even a bit of Miles/Bel. (I admit, I chickened out and didn't add Miles/Bel to the pairings I thought I could write - because I rather thought I couldn't. Maybe next time.)

- Encore. Tintin, PG. I know what you're thinking: Tintin? But this story knocked my socks off. It's about La Castafiore, and it's gorgeous from start to finish: The first item on the programme was the Jewel Song from Faust. In private, she called it her party piece. It was thin music, suitable for a girlish Gretchen, and she had fattened it with her thunderous voice until few men dared take the stage opposite her.

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