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The world needs more Widow Twanky icons. Or I do, anyway.

As usual, feel free to modify these in any way, and credit is lovely, but I'm not going to send you C&D letters if you forget or anything.

4 HtLJ icons with text )

8 HtLJ portrait icons: Iolaus, Hercules, Autolycus and the Widow Twanky )
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Even with the fantastic Avatar: the last Airbender icons I got from [ profile] aka_arduinna, I still have many icon slots to fill (yay!), so I made a few Hercules icons that I like enough to share.

As always, feel free to modify these in any way, and credit is lovely, but I'm not going to internet-sue if you forget or anything.

4 regular icons - Iolaus, Gabrielle, Ares and Hercules )

8 comic book icons - Iolaus, Hercules, Cassandra, Nebula and Autolycus )

The comic book icons were all made with the aid of [ profile] not_a_painter's terrific Photoshop tutorial, and I used my own screencaps.
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I've updated my website with all the Hercules & Iolaus (& Autolycus) icons that were languishing on my harddrive.

These are shareable, and I may use a couple again myself. Feel free to modify 'em, add text to them, whatever floats your Argo; credit is appreciated, but I'm not going to internet-sue you if you forget or anything.

24 HtLJ icons: hugs, pigs in leather trousers, and other important moments in fandom. )
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Thanks to my SO, I can now upload to Mary Crawford's Vices in minutes instead of hours - he found a clever utility, rsync, that only uploads the bits of data that have changed, rather than the whole thing. Whee!

To celebrate, I put up a whole bunch of LJ icons - most of them not new, but I hope there'll be a couple you might want. *g* Free to share and customize, credit appreciated but not obligatory.

Five Teaser Icons )

I've also changed my mind about putting up actor screencaps as opposed to character screencaps. (Does that distinction even make sense to anyone but me? *g*) I've put up a Behind The Scenes section for the blooper reel screencaps, the Hurst & Sorbo interview caps I made a while ago, and a new set of caps from the Kevin Sorbo and Anthony Quinn on set bit on the Hercules season five DVDs.

It makes no sense whatever to put that last extra on the season five discs, as it was filmed during the making of one of the first TV movies, before the first season, and Anthony Quinn wasn't even in H:tLJ by the fifth season, but I'm not complaining - I'll take all the extras I can get. It's not a very revealing segment, but Kevin Sorbo looks gorgeous in it. He gets asked how it feels to be a sex symbol, and gets adorably embarrassed and mutters that that's a premature question. Aw. He was right, of course - for all he knew, the movies could've tanked and he would have gone back to Jim Beam commercials.

Tell me you don't want to bite him. )

Michael Hurst. Earrings. Wstfgl. )

Hurst & Sorbo being adorable )


Oct. 13th, 2004 06:57 pm
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Made a few icons today. The one I'm using is not for sharing, but here are five more:

Five H:tLJ icons - take, credit, enjoy )
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Hmm. I don't think I'll be posting these to [ profile] warrior_icons...

Five H:tLJ icons, from the 2nd season DVD set blooper reel.
Free to all good homes - no credits, no need to ask, enjoy.

(I'll post caps once I've made a second run - there are just too many blooper moments I want to get stills from.)
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It's not like I needed an excuse to make more H:tLJ icons in my current manic phase, but all the same, the new [ profile] warrior_icons community is a great idea.

You can never have enough buff guys with swords.

(And buff women with swords, but the truth is, although I like Xena and Buffy and all ass-kickin' chicks, I don't get inspired to make icons for them much. Sorry. Must be the hetgirl in me or something.)

12 new Hercules & Iolaus icons )
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What can I say? I got carried away. Comment if you want one, or even just to tell me how peculiar my first efforts look.

Hercules, Iolaus and Twankey, oh my )

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