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I had just enough time this morning to get online, find my story (YAY!) and throw it into my ebook; then I got to read it on the train.

It's an Invisible Man story, and I adore it. Thank you so much, dear Yuletide Santa! *dances*

It's got all the things I love about Iman plus some things they somehow forgot to add but that we all knew were happening anyway. In fact, this should so have been part of their Christmas episode. Did I mention this has an invisible Darien stalking Hobbes while he's doing his Christmas shopping? And that it's got a great snarky Darien voice, or that those bits near the end are making my glasses fog up? Yeah. Also, the connection between Hobbes and Fawkes is my absolute favorite thing about Invisible Man, and this story just nails that.

Don't know who he thinks he's kidding. Says Bobby Hobbes doesn't do Christmas. I remind him that I did Hanukah. Tells me he has some errands to run. I say why I don't go with you and we can catch the new Bond flick when you're done? And then he pulls some dumb excuse about getting the van winterized and dropping off the dry cleaning and picking up a fifth of Chivas for The Official and a box of ass-wipes for Ebert and he doesn't know how long it's all going to take and how `bout tomorrow? Yeah, right.
Read Coito Ergo Sum (PG-13, Darien/Bobby) - and please comment on the story if you liked it!

And if you happen not to be an Iman fan - there's a THOUSAND and FIFTY-TWO multifandom stories now live on the archive, people. Holy wow. *runs off to read*

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