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Read My Mind
Artist: The Killers
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Granada TV series)
Summary:  "Come, Watson, come!" he cried. "The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!"

This vid premiered at Escapade 2010. Many thanks to [personal profile] arduinna and [personal profile] dorinda for beta and encouragement!

Feedback very welcome, including criticism.

Download: Big (.avi, 56 Mb, 700x528) | Biggish (.mp4, 48 Mb, 700x528) | Small (.avi, 16 Mb, 350x264)

ETA And here's some Mediafire download links, in case my webhost is down:
Big (.avi, 56 Mb, 700x528) | Biggish (.mp4, 48 Mb, 700x528) | Small (.avi, 16 Mb, 350x264)

Download subtitles (.srt)Read lyrics

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Part 1: The Blue Carbuncle
Part 2: The Copper Beeches
Part 3: The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans
Part 4: The Adventure of the Devil's Foot

I’m just going to cheat and combine The Final Problem with The Adventure of the Empty House, because how can I talk about just the one without at least mentioning the other? I can’t end my list of favourite stories with Holmes being mostly dead! *g*

Made of smoke and mirrors )

I'd love to hear what your favourite moments are, or what you would want to see in a Post-Reichenbach story, or how much you believe of Holmes's little jaunts into Lhasa and Khartoum -- even if we are agreed that his supposed visit was to the head Lama, and not the head llama, and that Watson was undoubtedly chagrined at the printer's error.

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I posted this in a comment to [community profile] cox_and_co and wanted to give the heads-up to my friends as well: Amazon UK is running a very nice sale on DVDs until December 4th, and one of the best bargains is the complete series of Granada TV Sherlock Holmes episodes and movies on DVD for just 29.99 UK pounds. This is the series with Jeremy Brett as Holmes and first David Burke, then Edward Hardwicke as Watson, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

I bought a similar set the last time Amazon UK had a promotion: this one, which was 40 UKP then and is now back to 117 UKP, and am very happy with it. It doesn't have any extras, but it has very good picture quality and sound; I had an earlier DVD set of just The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, where the sound was noticeably off in places and the picture was very dark.

Also, in the newer DVDs the subtitles are actually accurate as opposed to hilarious. (Where Holmes said something like: "We must catch this gang" in that inimitable Brett drawl, the subtitle was "We must catch this guy". Yeah, very Victorian.)

These dvds are region 2, so people not in the UK will need a region free dvd player -- if yours isn't, do google the exact brand and model number along with "region free", because many dvd players can be made region free just by pressing a code with your remote.
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Part 1: The Blue Carbuncle
Part 2: The Copper Beeches
Part 3: The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans

Devil's Foot is one of those stories that I could talk about forever, and I could also talk about the BBC radio and Granada TV versions forever, since both are amazing, but then I'd never actually finish this post, so I have to have some self-control here. Please do comment if you want to talk about all the things that I'm leaving out!

Who's the most Gothic of them all? )

Siiigh. This story is really one of my all-time favorites. How about you?

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Part 1: The Blue Carbuncle
Part 2: The Copper Beeches

It was a toss-up between Charles Augustus Milverton and Bruce-Partington for my next pick, but [personal profile] janeturenne has named so many of the things that I love about CHAS that I will just point you there. The link between these two stories is that they both feature Holmes and Watson as burglars -- on the side of justice, to be sure, but committing a crime nonetheless, and working closely together in an atmosphere of dark and danger, stealth and competence -- yeah, I'm sure I don't know why that should appeal to me. Phwoar.

In both stories, Watson has objections to Holmes's plans )

Please comment if you feel like talking about this particular story and its radio/TV versions, or other Holmesian favourites!
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Last week [ profile] janeturenne posted a wonderfully evocative overview of her personal top 10 favorite and top 10 least favorite canon Sherlock Holmes stories -- part 1, part 2.

She reminds me how much I love seeing people talk about their beloved fandoms in detail, and I've been immersed in the Holmes stories, Granada TV series, and BBC audioplays for years but I haven't actually posted about them much myself. So here's a start! *g*

I'm going to take [ profile] janeturenne's approach but simplify it a bit, so that I manage to actually post these instead of just think about it: I've picked out five of my favorite Holmes short stories and their adaptations, and will post about each of them in turn over the next few days. Story links go to the University of Adelaide Library, which has all the Holmes stories as well as many other Arthur Conan Doyle works available.

My first favorite is The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle.

I love the atmosphere of this story )

Please do comment and tell me what your Holmesian favorites are, or how you feel about this particular story and its radio/TV versions!

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I've only dipped a toe in the sea of Yuletide stories, but what little I've read has been wonderful. I hope to post some recommendations later - probably after the reveal, so I can rec the other stories in the fandom I wrote in without fear of giving myself away.

(The usual offer applies - if you guess the story I wrote before the reveal, I'll write you a drabble of your choice, provided it's in a fandom I know, or something longer if the inspiration strikes. You only have today to guess, though - reveal's tomorrow! *g*)

Meanwhile, I want to point to the two Yuletide stories I received. I got very lucky again this year, and I thank both my authors so much! I can't wait to find out who you are.

The Labours of Iolaus.
Rated PG-13.
Fandom: Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Summary: The problem, Iolaus thought, was that Hercules just didn't know how to say no.

Cheerful, funny Hercules/Iolaus, yay! This made me grin a lot and go "aw", and there's some very inventive use of the 'official' Hercules myths, with just the kind of twist the show would have used.

Rated G.
Fandom: Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes, crossover.
Summary: A glimpse of a possible encounter near the end of one career and the start of another.

I'm going to be a little vague here, but this is a crossover between Sherlock Holmes and another detective series of my heart, and it's wonderful. I love all these characters so much, and I adore the way they are written here. I may as well admit that this story made me cry, but it is not depressing, and completely Merry-safe. :-)
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Back again from the holidays; great fun, lots of long walks, came home with a cold. Am consoling myself with tea, eggdrop soup and Yuletide stories, which is just the best comfort there is - it's like grazing off a buffet with more than 2000 different dishes, you can't go wrong. I'm trying to leave comments as I go, and I'm bookmarking my favorites for a longer recommendation post later on.

Right now I want to draw attention to my favorite story so far, which is The Case of the Broken-Hearted Liar, a Holmes/Watson story that just about knocked me off my feet with its intensity. Gorgeous language, excellent character voices, and very lush and sensual in a believably Victorian way.

"We are here to observe to-night, Watson. I doubt there will be any events of interest for your pen, but I am, as always, glad of your company."

The rush of warmth at Holmes' heartfelt comment left me momentarily quiet, tracking his motions in the near-dark, the angling shadows created by his chilly smile. Before I could find words Holmes waved them away, uninterested in emotional demonstrations unless, it seemed, he was the one to make them.
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Michael Dibdin died, alas.

He was known for his detective novels, most of them about a detective called Aurelio Zen. I haven't read those, but I read another novel of his that turns out to have been his first book.

It was The Last Sherlock Holmes Story, one of the best Holmes pastiches I've read, and a book that scared the pants off me. If this were fanfic - and isn't it? - I'd have to call it a darkfic AU.

spoilers for the book )

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