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* flambeau tries to play the kazoo
Mary: heeeee
Mary: I still have mine, too!
Seah: oh, you freaks.
Seah: you go to Glasgow, you buy *kazoos*
flambeau: no
Mary: no no no
Mary: you GET THEM
Seah: uh HUH
flambeau: we got them at the play
Mary: to play the Darth Vader theme on!
flambeau: you haven't lived till you've heard
Mary: whenever he appears
* Margie DIES
flambeau: two thousand fans playing the kazoo
Margie: omg
Mary: Doo Doo Doo da dee Doo
Margie: that's GREAT
Mary: it was fantastic
Mary: especially when the FIRST Darth Vader came on
Mary: who was a guy in a bucket, basically
Mary: and everyone played the theme, loyally
Mary: while the narrator went No no no, he's crap! Stoppit!
Margie: okay, this? is the sort of stuff you have to write up.

It's all true. There was a play at Worldcon called 'Lucas Back In Anger' that managed to cram all six Star Wars movies into about two hours of insanity.

They did the first Star Wars trilogy (chronologically second, original, yadda yadda) in a condensed version that starred a Dalek as R2D2, a Cyberman as C3PO and Darth Vader as Luke Skywalker's mother. In fishnets.

Then they did the second trilogy as an Abba musical. My favorite was the SW version of 'Money, Money, Money' that contained the rhyme 'Obi-Wan Kenobi/In his robey'.

And I still have the kazoo.
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I'm not going to do a long coherent Worldcon report because the very thought makes me want to fall over, but luckily [ profile] naominovik and [ profile] marthawells already did theirs, yay!

Instead, I have ... pictures! And non-chronological natter. No people in the pics, except for the Goa'uld and his girlfriend, because I swore not to post any, and would really prefer not having any pictures of me being posted either, so there you go.

Glasgow Necropolis, Goa'uld and Victorian angels )
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Am home! Fantastic Worldcon, fantastic weather (in Scotland, yet), and I still have such a grin on my face from meeting [ profile] marthawells and [ profile] flambeau and [ profile] naominovik, which was even more fun than I thought it would be. I am storing this feeling up and bottling it for when everyone is at Vividcon. Because I HAVE BEEN TO WORLDCON YAY.

Coherence later. Food and unpacking now. Eee! I have a purple ghidra in my suitcase. Also, a makuro-kurosuke and Michael Hurst DVDs. And Texan hot sauce. And books and filk CDs and a Worldcon T-shirt and pictures I need to upload and a bracelet by [ profile] elisem with ghostly ladybugs in and a box of Highland fudge. I must have had a good time, don't you think?

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