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Have just watched the new Doctor Who episode, and...

Beware spoilers under here )

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I love it when fans make fannish crafts. One of my favorite comms is [ profile] crafty_tardis, for Doctor Who crafts (motto: For when you absolutely, positively must have a macrame Dalek). There's never any shipping wank, just people posting pictures of crocheted Daleks or their kid dressed up as the Tenth Doctor for Halloween (this one is seriously adorable).

Another comm I've just discovered is [ profile] claycreations. This isn't actually a community - it's where [ profile] vandonovan posts his clay puppets of various fannish favorites, and they are fab.

Check out his clay versions of Avon and Vila, Zoe and Wash, Sam and Dean and my favorite - Kirk, Spock and McCoy. I love Kirk's smirky grin and Spock's hands-behind-back stance. <3
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I was really worried about the Doctor Who season finale, because of, well, the last one Russell T. Davies gave us. (As I just summed it up to [ profile] elynross: "the one with the Master where he turned the Doctor into a house elf and Martha Jones' family got to dress up as French maids. oh the horror.")

Russell brought this one home with a fanfare of trumpets and a mad hooting of horns.


♥ DW

Jun. 7th, 2008 01:37 pm
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Today is Doctor Who day! *bounces* Last week's part 1 episode was terrific, and today will be the conclusion. I can't wait.

Meanwhile, [ profile] crafty_tardis linked to this fantastic Steampunk Dalek by Alex Holden. The description's as good as the picture:
"The pictured device is a prototype of Joseph Bazalgette's patent sewer maintenance machine, as demonstrated at the Great Crystal Cyberdrome Exhibition. Its boiler is fired by miasma and it is fitted with a variety of cleaning and pest-control ancillaries. Unfortunately the high manufacturing cost and the temperamental nature of their modified rat brains meant that after the initial batch of fifty had escaped Bazalgette was forced to employ men to maintain London's sewers. Even today, you can put your ear to a manhole cover in our capital city and hear the distant clanking of brass wheels on brick walkways and the squeal of exterminated rodents."
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Thanks to [ profile] aka_arduinna for finding this, the most adorable behind-the-scenes pictures ever:

David Tennant on the set of last week's Doctor Who (303 "Gridlock"), with

minor spoiler )
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Okay. Look. In Doctor Who, two seasons ago, there was an episode with lots of parodies of British gameshows, including What Not To Wear, where Jack Harkness got his clothes beamed off by two very scary Trinny and Susannah robots.

So, my question: did they show his NAKED BUNS or NOT?

No. seriously. I have very nice HDTV download versions of every episode for that season, and I'm trolling it for interesting bits for my vid of doom and dorkiness, and Jack's naked buns are just not there. And I REMEMBER them being there when I watched the episode on the BBC.

Did they censor Doctor Who for the US market? Is it just my downloads that got censored? Or am I going nuts and did they never show Jack's rear at all?

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Oh Doctor Who. How much do I love you?


Seriously, grab this latest episode as soon as it gets uploaded somewhere, it is so much fun.

"57 academics just pumped their fist into the air!" BWEEEEE.

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