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For Yuletide '09, I wrote:

All Our Scattered Leaves, for [profile] jadesfire2808
Rating: G, no warnings
Fandom: Lord Peter Wimsey books by Dorothy Sayers
Summary: A selection of letters and diaries on the eve of the Armistice.

This was a ton of fun to write, if slightly intimidating, too -- this year was the first time in all my years of Yuletide that I'd felt brave enough to sign up for Sayers, and I should have realized that meant I would infallibly get the assignment! *g* But I got a lovely prompt from my recipient, asking for a spotlight on some of the minor characters of the series, and it was a joy to immerse myself in these beloved books again to try and pick up their voices.

(There was also a small foray into the Women at Work documents section of the Imperial War Museum, which is fantastic; even if you can't actually search the source documents unless your library has a subscription, you can click on the links in the essay and find a ton of amazing documents, like the report on the work of Queen Mary's Needlework Guild during the Great War; the name makes it sound charming and small, but in fact this was a massive organisation of women, all volunteers, who made and shipped all kinds of supplies for the Front; after the first German gas attack, these women provided millions of improvised gas masks, made out of khaki wool and bits of cinema film for the eyes.)

For my Yuletide gifts, [profile] galerian_ash generously wrote me not one but two Trapeze stories, yay! It was wonderful to get these, especially as Trapeze is so tiny a fandom that I think these were the first two stories written for it. These stories were exactly what I wanted: the warmth and sweetness of a proper happy ending for the movie, with Mike and Tino together again. And they cover two different moments; the first story, To Catch a Catcher, has the reunion of Mike and Tino after the movie, which feels just right; the second story, A Reason for Waking, was my Yuletide Madness treat, and shows them later on in their relationship. I didn't even twig that these were written by the same person, which shows you what a Yuletide sleuth I am, but they are both adorable.

To Catch a Catcher, by [profile] galerian_ash
Rating: G, no warnings
Fandom: Trapeze
Summary: Mike might be stubborn, but so is Tino.

A Reason for Waking, by [profile] galerian_ash
Rating: Mature, no warnings
Fandom: Trapeze
Summary: A morning in New York, one year after leaving Paris.

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