Feb. 13th, 2007 09:14 am
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[ profile] pentapus has drawn Labyrinth/SGA art.

Yes, I said Labyrinth/SGA. And Rodney is a grumpy goblin in a helmet and I may just explode with glee right there.

Go see!
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See, already this Imeem thing is paying off, as vids are showing up that I downloaded a while ago and then mislaid.

Code Monkey is an SGA vid starring Rodney, by [ profile] mousewrites, to a wonderful Jonathan Coulton song. It's slashy,and it would be a bit of a spoiler to give the pairing away, so I won't, but don't worry. It's an adorable and funny vid with some terrific choices and timing, and it's the vidder's first, so go watch and comment!


Nov. 23rd, 2006 04:58 pm
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You know how sometimes you're reading a story and you just want to quote bits of it to everybody?

Thanks to [ profile] aka_arduinna's wonderful multifandom recs, I'm reading Taking Time by Janne, an SGA/Dr Who (Tenth Doctor) crossover, and here's the bit I love best so far:

“You don’t think “hi, my time-travelling phone box set us up” is an original pick-up?” John asked and turned back to the Doctor when Rodney just glared at him. “And I don’t know what it is you want from me, but I’m not gay.”

“And I’m not a man,” the Doctor said airily, “so that works out nicely all round. Besides, I don’t need you to have sex with me,” he went on and then paused and looked John up and down appreciatively enough to make John’s face heat, “Though I can’t say it wouldn’t be nice.”

Oh, and happy Turkey Day, those of you who have days off celebrate it! (Jammy bastards..) Me, I'm looking forward to Sinterklaas, the best excuse ever to eat chocolate letters, pepernoten, speculaas and marzipan. Yum.
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Okay, yeah. [ profile] therienne and [ profile] cesperanza have convinced me: [ profile] sgastoryfinders is the best LJ community ever.

(The comm is for finding stories in the SGA fandom. All these stories exist, and someone somewhere is looking for them.)

rodeny can't sleep because his brian won't shut down )

A plea

Aug. 7th, 2006 10:55 am
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Dear SGA authors, please have mercy and do not use the line "Sheppard's eyes glowed", unless you actually mean it and Sheppard is a Goa'uld. In that case, please carry on.

(And how come I've never seen that in a story, not counting Quantum Mirror universes? If he can turn into a puppy or a Wraith, surely he can be a Goa'uld sometime and wear those kicky gold outfits. Hmf.)
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[ profile] flambeau is writing what she calls SGA snippets. I think of snippets as something incomplete, or incomplete-feeling, but these are finished stories, and they're gems. (Disclaimer: I beta'ed both of them, but it was more the sort of beta'ing where you tell the writer the bits you liked best. There were lots. *g*)

Over the hills and far away is disturbingly funny, and she has just posted another: Suburban consumption rituals, which is just hilarious. And, um. Horrific. And hilarious! Really, not many people could pull that off. It could also work as a straight SF story, with a little tinkering, since the worldbuilding is detailed and delicious. This just made me grin like a shark.
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My last three drabbles for the drabble meme. Thanks to [ profile] aka_arduinna for beta and for letting me steal all her lines!

[ profile] wickedwords asked for SGA, Rodney, and 'the stuff of legends'. I may have fudged a bit on that last one, but I did put a story element in that I know she likes...*cough*

In McKay's opinion, one of Sheppard's more annoying traits )

[ profile] ltlj asked for SGA, John, and comforty.

Sheppard stared up at the medlab ceiling )

And then someone asked for SGA/Labyrinth.

drabble backstory, or, who to blame )

'Look, Major--' )
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- I have tickets for MirrorMask tomorrow! It's opening the Amsterdam festival for fantastic (as in fantasy and horror) film. I'm really looking forward to it.

- Rache and Sandy's SGA vid "Stress". You've probably seen it already, but I managed to hold out until I got my hands on the Escapade DVD, so it was all new to me. It's a very funny, clever vid that encapsulates Rodney perfectly, and it just fills me with glee.

- [ profile] pentapus's story Planet Megalodon Wraith Defense Force. SGA, gen, adventure story with a focus on John, Rodney and Teyla in particular. I adore this story - it's got exploration of fascinating alien worlds, terrific character voices, hurt/comfort, snark, rescues and wild escapes aplenty, plus my all time favorite plot element of 'OMG he's dead?! No, wait'. All this by a new author! And she can draw, too. We should clone her.

“Yes, yes, fine, the handheld version is designed to be more easily navigable than the stationary versions,” Rodney said and poked helpfully at one bubble in the web diagram labeled “Cool! Puddlejumper controls!” in Ancient which was when Sheppard suddenly got interested and tried to poke a bubble of his own. He got an immediate response. Sort of.

“John?” Elizabeth sounded worried, leaping out of her seat to peer across the table. Rodney might admit, later, to an instant of coldness in the chest region, but he'd probably caught a cold bug somewhere.

“Oh my,” said Zelenka.

“Huh,” Rodney said, taking back the square. “That’s funny.”

Sheppard was blinking slowly up at him from the floor, his chair rolling sedately away from where he had fallen out of it. “The hell?” Sheppard said, grabbing the edge of the table. The effects, it seemed, were extremely fleeting.

“You fainted,” Rodney said and, as an afterthought, beamed. “Try again.”

- [ profile] ltlj's Retrograde series. SGA/SG-1 crossover. AU, gen. [ profile] ltlj is one of my favorite authors in any fandom, and she is on such a roll with her SGA fic. I want to jump up and down and cheer her on. Wheee!

These stories are incredibly satisfying, plotty and rich and fun, and I'm going to be rereading them a lot, snickering to myself at all the snarky bits and angsting over the plot twists. She manages to give all the various SG-1 and SGA characters their due in a way familiar to anyone who's read When Hellmouths Collide - I haven't watched SG-1 at all, but I particularly enjoyed seeing the SGA people from Jack's and Cameron's point of view. (I didn't have a clue who this Cameron guy was, but after reading these stories he acquired a distinct, likeable personality for me.)
"Hey." O'Neill popped into the doorway suddenly. The Athosians all flinched. "You got a pair of scissors?"

John stared. "General?"

O'Neill winced and waved a hand vaguely around his head. "I gave a little girl some gum, she put it in her hair...."

"Right." John looked at Elizabeth's ransacked desk. "I...have no idea."

"I will find the girl and take care of it," Teyla said hastily.

"Oh. Good. She's the one with the--" O'Neill made another vague gesture. "You'll be able to tell."

As he headed off down the gallery, Teyla stared after him. She said, "I begin to believe that he is not doing this to disarm us."
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Today is [ profile] merryish's birthday. Woo! Clearly this is squid party hats and balloons time. (Why squid? I don't know either. But Merry seems like a squid party hat sort of person to me. Happy birthday! *waves rubbery tentacles*)

Two SGA stories have been posted today in her honor. Both are hilariously entertaining and possibly a little whacked. I leave the reader to draw her own conclusions.

Candygram, by [ profile] aka_arduinna.
Rating: G, preslash (McKay/Sheppard)
Summary: "Do you think it ate Colonel Sheppard?"

I don't care if you read it before. This is the new, extra-shiny illustrated version, with fantastic art by [ profile] cynicatlantis. It will brighten your day.

Oh, God! by [ profile] flambeau
Rating: PG. Characters: Dr. Chasez, Carter the marine, Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon.
Summary: Birds do it, bees do it, Rodney McKay doesn't do it, and JC Chasez, intrepid scientist, witnesses a divine intervention.

This made me snicker madly. I love the Poptarts universe, but you don't have to have read those stories at all to enjoy this one, and the focus is on Rodney. I can't say much more than that without spoiling. Just - heeeee.
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Got the link from [ profile] therienne, read it, and laughed my head off.

The Exceedingly Sad And Very Touching Story of How Dr. Elizabeth Weir Died Saving Atlantis, by lavvyan. Slash, NC-17 (though I'd rate it R at most, myself). McKay/Sheppard.

Short, mean and very very funny.


Mar. 2nd, 2006 12:27 pm
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Even though I only hang out in the suburbs of the fandom, I have now read SGA fic where John, Rodney or both transform into:
  • dolphins
  • penguins
  • dinosaurs
  • children
  • Wraith
  • beanie babies

and the terrifying thing is that they're mostly really good stories. On crack, yes, but it's the good crack. I don't know what it is about this fandom.

I've read Moonloon and Spaggel's Rodneysaur story a number of times (and looked at the illustrations!) and it never fails to crack me up and make me go aww.
"Oh God, no. Rodney! I'm pretty sure there were no java junkies in the Jurassic. Give me that." He managed to get the jug away from Rodney thanks to glass being slipperier than socks, but the sound of Rodney's little claws screeching across it put his teeth on edge.

"Rarr!" Rodney growled, obviously not happy at all.
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More SGA insanity, brought to you by [ profile] flambeau. And, well, me. And most of all [ profile] aka_arduinna, who doesn't normally do this kind of thing.

McKay! King of the Wild Things!

And now [ profile] flambeau has icons, too. Heeee. (And I really, really want one with Rodney sitting on Ronon's shoulder.) And she made me one! Yay!
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From [ profile] makesmewannadie: Look! John and Rodney! Mousies! A screencaps-with-captions story by [ profile] idlerat, very cute.

(And no, they don't actually turn into mousies. Or pigs. Or dolphins or dinosaurs or penguins. So unexpected!)
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In decision, by [ profile] flambeau. SGA, Sheppard/McKay, NC-17. This melted my brain.
No one was hurt. The city was quiet around him, at peace. John went on, not very far, and came to a halt. He stared at McKay's door until it trembled before him and slid open.
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It's one thing to have continuous crackbrained vid ideas.

It's another thing when other people actually make them into vids.

Terrifyingly, someone made a Sheppard/McKay vid to 'John, I'm Only Dancing'.* Which...I admit I thought of. For a second! While doing the dishes!

Then, since Bowie was still playing, I moved on to a possible Sheppard vid to 'Moonage Daydream'. (He's an alligator! He's a space invader! He'll be a rock 'n' rollin' bitch for you! *cough*)

If someone has made that vid as well, tell me so I can die happy.

*(I'm not actually recommending the John, I'm Only Dancing vid - episode credits, extra frames, little attention to beat or changes in the music, not half as funny as I'd like it to be. But someone made it, and that's just brightened my day considerably. *g*)

ETA: And OMG [ profile] z_rayne is planning an SGA vid to John, I'm Only Dancing too. Or saying she isn't, which amounts to the same thing. Bweee!
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I've been reading bits of Stargate: Atlantis fanfic here and there, mostly following other people's recs, but I thought I'd rec this one, from a writer I'm not familiar with. It gave me the shivers.

Iterations, by [ profile] maisierita, SGA, rated R for language.

The first time they rescued him, they came with explosives and stunners and guns. They shot the two guards, blew up the door to his cell, and killed three more people on the way back to the Jumper. Stumbling with fatigue, John tripped over a bloody, contorted corpse, and everything went black as he hit the ground.

When he woke up, he was back in the dark, damp cell, chained to the wall again.
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My head feels like it weighs a ton, yet at the same time, there's nothing in it that wants to come out - be it in words, or vid bits, or anything else.

Let me point you to the good stuff, instead. :-)

[ profile] ltlj has written a Hercules: the Legendary Journeys/Stargate crossover where Iolaus gets stranded in the SG universe. I adore it. I've never seen SG beyond the movie and an episode or two, and that didn't hinder my enjoyment of this story at all, nor do I think a SG fan who has never seen Hercules would have any trouble. It's got great snark, great character moments, and an appearance by one of my all time favorite original characters. Also, this story reinforced my conviction that Iolaus is incredibly sexy when he's pissed off. *g*

Been There, Done That, by Martha Wilson. PG-13. SG/H:tLJ.
"Look," Daniel tried again, "We're trying to help you."

"Are you?" Iolaus began in a tone that clearly communicated that he felt he was humoring a crazy man. "You're lousy at it. If you really wanted to help me, you'd let me go. Before Hercules comes after me." He looked at Jack steadily. "He saw you. He got there just as the blue swirly doorway grabbed us."

Frustrated, Daniel spread his hands. "The only reason we were able to get to your world at all was a fluke. We don't even know how we reached it. And even if there were stargates in your world, he wouldn't be able to come after you."

Iolaus regarded Daniel steadily. "That's what they told me when I was dead."

A while ago, [ profile] dbw also wrote a Hercules/Stargate crossover. It's a fun adventure story which deals with the reverse situation: the SG team gating to ancient Greece. I love how Deb managed to work in details like the SG Thor versus the H:tLJ Thor, and the Stargate's resemblance to Xena's chakram.

False Gods, by Deborah Wright. PG-13. SG/H:tLJ.
"Daniel, what is he doing?" Jack stared at Hercules.

"I don't know."

"Well, find out. This is making my 'not exactly sane' theory look better and better."

Daniel stood next to Iolaus. Iolaus didn't seem concerned, though he did look curious. "What's going on?"

Iolaus shrugged. "Herc's trying to contact one of his relatives."

Last but not least, I was seduced into reading [ profile] flambeau's new Stargate:Atlantis story by the sheer amounts of squee on IRC and my friendslist. I've never watched SG:A (is it even on in the Netherlands? I've no idea), and while I have absorbed reasonable amounts of SG-1 canon, I have only the vaguest idea of who these Atlantis guys are. And I'm telling you: it doesn't matter. This is a satisfyingly long, wonderfully entertaining story, with a neat mystery at its heart, and I recommend it whether you've watched the series or not.

About A Lamp, by torch. NC-17. SG:A.
They went through another six sets separately, then started to solve them together when the matrices became more difficult. They argued for ten minutes about the twenty-fourth one, and then Rodney touched what was clearly the correct symbol, and the next set lit up. They argued for another ten minutes about the twenty-seventh one, and then Rodney touched what was clearly the correct symbol, and the wall beeped in a disapproving manner, blinked, and went back to the first set. "Oh, great."

"See? I was right." Sheppard grabbed the last piece of pepento fruit.

"We have to start over." Rodney paced in front of the panel. "I can't believe it resets back to the beginning. It couldn't go back just one step? This is going to take hours."

"Yes, it is. Hours and hours. And also, I was right." Sheppard bit the piece of fruit in half.

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