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Thanks to intrepid reporter [ profile] merryish for scouting out the following -- Time-Life is bringing out the complete series of The Real Ghostbusters on DVD, coming in the fall.

Via TVShowsOnDVD:

Our source tells us this will be a massive 26-disc set covering both The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters, the 1988 renaming of the show. With a combined episode count of over 100 episodes, the 26 discs should have more than enough room for some great bonus material.

This is frabjous news. There was an earlier DVD issue of some random episodes thrown together on three discs, but this is the first time they've done a proper collection. I am absolutely buying these, even if I am only going to watch the first two seasons over and over, with selected later season eps thrown in.

For those who wonder what I'm on about: The Real Ghostbusters was the animated TV series that followed the movie(s), and in fact the conceit in one of the episodes is that the Ghostbusters get a movie made about their adventures. J. Michael Straczynski was head writer/story editor for the first two seasons, and as a result the early series is ten tons of fun in a five-pound bag - great writing and characterization and imaginative plots, resulting in episodes like "The Collect Call of Cthulhu" and "Chicken, He Clucked".

Some random quotes from my RGB episode notes, for atmosphere:

  • Ray has made a computer voice interface for Slimer - he can punch something up on the keyboard and the computer will speak for him. This works until the computer says "Ray, stop. Stop, Ray. I can feel him."

  • Winston: "That's Peter! I'd know his anguished cry anywhere."

  • Egon: "All the chickens in the world have vanished."

  • Opera diva: "Your vulgarity fascinates me." Peter: "It's my best feature."

  • Vampire to Egon: "You are too smart for your own good."
    Winston to vampire: "That's what we're always telling him. That and 'keep quiet'. Doesn't work, though. It's like talking to your own armpit."
    Egon, once they're alone: "Talking to your own armpit, Winston?"
    Winston: "Nothing personal, homeboy."

  • Egon to Peter: "You know, we're all descended from fish. It would be no trouble to blip back in time, find the fish you descended from, and stuff it into a Cuisinart."

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There's a big-ass storm outside (that dark green shape underneath the moving thundercloud? That would be my entire country) and I'm feeling rather like a small, cranky raincloud myself. Apologies to those of you whom I owe comments, email and feedback - give me a few more days of hiding under a fleece blanket and I will get to it.

In the meantime, have some links:

- Baaaaaaaby polar bear.

- An Interactive Google Maps Guide to Ghostbusters, showing all the movie locations in New York. The firehouse that served as their headquarters is still a firehouse. Aw. I would so go visit.

- Free downloadable instructions and designs to make your own 3D paper models of Ecto-1, the Batmobile and my favourite, the Agreeable Sheep automaton.

- The Ares costume auction I mentioned earlier has started on Ebay.
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I love seeing all the author names go up. Now I can thank [ profile] quasar237 for The First Time is the Hardest, and [ profile] zortified for A Good Day, and [ profile] roga for I Friend You, You Friend Him, and [ profile] falzalot for Festival Day! Woot! I was so, so lucky this year.

I was lucky in my assignment, too, because I got [ profile] vongroovy, who asked for the fandom I had just fallen for, the Real Ghostbusters (the cartoon based on the movie, where Peter is gorgeous and still sarcastic as hell, and Egon has Serious Moonlight hair, and both the writing and voice acting is absolutely first-rate -- ahem. Yes. More about RGB later) and who added great details, along the lines of "Peter/Egon slash with ghosts and adventure would be great, and plz hold the tortured emo wangsting and gazing into each other's aquamarine/jade/crystalline eyes." Yay! said I, and wrote this:

Into Still Water Like a Star
Real Ghostbusters, Peter/Egon, PG.

"I'm not having fun, Egon. And I'm hungry." Peter leaned a little to his left, giving Egon the 'poor pitiful me' look in full-color closeup. "You know not having fun is bad for me."

Many thanks to [ profile] aka_arduinna, [ profile] ltlj and[ profile] therienne for beta, and my love to [ profile] flambeau, who is entirely to blame for the ending.
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With a whole bunch of exceedingly nosy relatives grouped about me, I've still managed to manoeuver myself and my laptop so that none of them can see the screen or appear suddenly and heartstoppingly at my shoulder -- which means that I have managed to read all my Yuletide stories and am now trying out the posting-without-interference thing. Fingers crossed.

Yes, I did say all my Yuletide stories. I'm completely verklempt, here, and it was very hard to keep my composure and not go eeee! out loud a lot and startle said relatives. I got four stories, which. I. seriously. FOUR STORIES, in three different fandoms, and they're all wonderful. They seriously are, and they complement each other beautifully, and I loved reading all of them. O Yuletide fairy goddess type people, you rock, and I am so grateful and gleeful and thrilled, I can't tell you. I scatter rose petals at your feet, and thank you so very much!

It is so lovely to get presents you can share. Here are my presents, come read them!

First, my official story: The First Time is the Hardest, set in Martha Wells' Fall of Ile-Rien universe. (Ilias/Giliead, NC-17.) Gil and Ilias go hunt their first wizard, and have a very tough time of it, and I loved the adventure and suspense and the deep trust between them. The way this story makes connections with other events in the books and the worldbuilding feels exactly right. I read this lovely long & plotty story in three bites, with long walks in the dunes in between, and that was just perfect - I spent the whole walk worrying about Gil and Ilias and Gil's father Ranior succumbing to the evil wizard and scarybad things happening to them, ohnoes!* Thank you so much, my wonderful author, I adored it.

Then there was A Good Day, Real Ghostbusters (PG).
Peter Venkman deals with a difficult ghost, alone. Again, I adored this - short, vivid, crammed full of action, a fiercely determined Peter Venkman and some understated but warm hurt/comfort, which are things that go together like tea and chocolate, yum. The only complaint I have is that I wish to read more of this story, moremoremore! *is greedy*

Then, Festival Day, also set in Martha Wells' Fall of Ile-Rien books (PG-13 for swearing).
Fabulous first line: "In the months since Tremaine has arrived in Cineth, she hadn't wanted to kill herself once, but it was certainly looking like an attractive option today." and the rest is just as good. Syprian celebrations, with Tremaine in her new position as head of the household, and it's just warm and fun and delicious, with a perfectly written Tremaine. I love it.

And then there is I Friend You, You Friend Him, Hercules: the Legendary Journeys (PG).
Iolaus and Hercules deal with one of Salmoneus' most insidious inventions ever.This. I. *flails* This is sheer demented genius, much like Salmoneus himself. It made me laugh like a drain, and the scary thing is that I can totally see this happening on the show. Just fantastic, and you should really read this even if you don't know from Hercules, because I guarantee it will crack you up.

*hugs all of Yuletide*  Happy holidays!

*(They do not get eaten by the sharks at this time.)

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