Sep. 21st, 2007

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Yuletide nominations have started, and are open until next Tuesday, yay! (This isn't the part where you sign up to write stories yet; it's the part where you nominate fandoms you want to offer/write in the challenge, to cut down on the Ginormous Fandom List of Doom.)

I have nominated Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, The Real Ghostbusters, Venture Brothers, [ profile] marthawells's Ile-Rien novels, Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar novels, and, um, something else - I think it was Donald Westlake's Dortmunder novels. But I'm sure about the first five, so you can take those off your list! *g*

These aren't necessarily all the fandoms I will offer to write, or ask for stories in, but they're definitely on the short list, and since we only get six nominations, I'm hoping other people will nominate the slightly bigger fandoms I love, things like Sherlock Holmes and Invisible Man and Vorkosigan and Wimsey and so on.

I'm getting ridiculously excited about Yuletide again; I'm usually away for a walking holiday around Christmas, and if I'm home I don't celebrate it except by eating big dinners, so the Yuletide challenge is more of a holiday ritual for me than anything I'm used to around that time. (I do celebrate Sinterklaas, which is December 5th, and is all about sweet things, strangely wrapped gifts and writing poems for people, so Yuletide is a nice followup in every way.)

It's not just the writing to deadline and the promise of a story on the 25th; it's also the whole secrecy thing, the worrying about what to offer and what to ask for, and how much detail is too much, and then the assignment comes and with that comes panicking and reassuring and secret pact making and in some cases, the writing of fake stories and lying to one's best friends until one is blue in the face. So Much Fun.

Are you doing Yuletide this year? *pokes flist*

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