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Date: 2012-06-12 06:01 pm (UTC)
dorinda: Someone writing at a desk while wearing a large helmet with an oxygen tube attached (a device called "The Isolator"). (isolator)
From: [personal profile] dorinda
*\o/* !

...and also:

It's not that I can't envision any kind of story with those prompts, but it does boggle me what on earth they have to do with hurt/comfort.

Yeah, seriously. A couple-few of the prompts really jump out at me in that way--it's like they ran out of actual hurt/comfort ideas, and borrowed from a crackfic bingo card instead. Wings? Nothing particularly hurt or comfort related about them. Same with tentacles. Whereas both of those are their own time-honored trope in a different genre/approach.

it has to be planned soulbonding?

I've wondered about that! I especially wonder if the mods would be amenable to a slight change. Because they have "forced soulbonding" and "unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding", but they don't have "accidental soulbonding"! (They do have "accidental mating for life," but I don't see those as entirely identical.) And that seems like a ginormous gap, leaving out a plot that has been fertile soil (har har) for many a classic Trek story. If they added "accidental soulbonding," then you could have forced, accidental, and planned-but-has-unexpected-consequences, all three of which take different directions.

Your card has lots of delightful possibilities! The second row, for instance (although 'motion sickness' does seem to pall a bit besides the grandness of the rest of them *g*). Or, oh, the third row, very nice. The first and second columns down, as well! And I haven't even yet internalized all the other patterns one can follow to make a bingo.

Do you want to have some accountability trading? Like, starting up the classic Arduinna's Law again?
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