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[personal profile] morgandawn is looking for old Xena vids to help preserve fannish history!
" I'd like to help build up more Xena content on Fanlore. To do this I need vids. Preference is for older Xena fanvids - yes those really old 6MB rmb (Real Player) or wmv (wndows media) files. Most likely these vids will no longer be available online . If you have any vids downloaded and squirreled away and are willing to share them (via one to one upload or by USB/disc), ping me at morgandawn @ We hopefully will have a good enough cross-section to create pages on Fanlore. If we get enough pages we can create a Xena Fanvid category on Fanlore . (Note: we will not be uploading the vids to Fanlore - the copies will be used to help the editors add the pages. Also Fanlore cannot host vids so there's that.....).

I am also looking for people to create fanvid pages on Fanlore for under represented fandoms. It can be done at your own pace and all you need to do is copy and paste a template (and of course fill out the fields- vidder name, vid title etc)." 

So this is NOT about uploading vids anywhere without the vidder's permission - this is about documenting those older vids on Fanlore, which I am so very much in favor of, and I've already messaged Morgan.

I looked and I have a whole bunch of old Xena vids - most of them I don't even remember, but some I remember so fondly! Matt Savelkoul's con vids were great, particularly "Discotheque", and the "She Bangs" vid by another vidder where Xena breathes fire in time to the music.

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According to TVshows on DVD, Universal is re-releasing the Hercules: the Legendary Journeys dvds, but possibly without the five TV movies that started the series or any of the commentaries and other extras of the original release; season 1 is going to be three single-sided discs, which really sounds like...not a lot.

The original Anchor Bay dvd releases are now out of print, but easy to find on Ebay, and it seems like those would still be a better deal, if you don't mind that the sets are bulkier than the new slim-line ones.

ETA: Universal is also re-releasing the Xena: Warrior Princes dvds. Not a lot of detail yet, but this set also has less discs than the previous Anchor Bay release. I still regret not picking up all the Xena season sets when they were on a 2-for1 sale at DeepDiscountDVD...

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