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Vidder: [personal profile] marycrawford
: "Mystery Dance" by Elvis Costello
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Length: 1: 47
Description: Birds do it, bees do it -- surely a starship captain can figure this out.
Notes: This vid premiered at Vividcon 2011, as an auction vid for the fabulous [personal profile] thefourthvine.

Download from my website: Big (.mp4, 38 Mb) | Medium (.avi, 23 Mb ) | Small (.avi, 14 Mb) | Lyrics | Subtitles

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Feedback extremely welcome, the critical sort included!
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Vid title:
Trust In Me
Song artist: Holly Cole
Fandom: V (2009 TV series)
Summary: We are of peace. Always.

This vid premiered at Vividcon 2010, in the Also Premiering (Non-Attending) vidshow.

Download from my website:
Big (.avi, 56 Mb) | Medium (.mp4, 27 Mb) | Small (.avi, 13 Mb)

Download subtitles (.srt)Read lyrics

Feedback very welcome, including criticism.

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Read My Mind
Artist: The Killers
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Granada TV series)
Summary:  "Come, Watson, come!" he cried. "The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!"

This vid premiered at Escapade 2010. Many thanks to [personal profile] arduinna and [personal profile] dorinda for beta and encouragement!

Feedback very welcome, including criticism.

Download: Big (.avi, 56 Mb, 700x528) | Biggish (.mp4, 48 Mb, 700x528) | Small (.avi, 16 Mb, 350x264)

ETA And here's some Mediafire download links, in case my webhost is down:
Big (.avi, 56 Mb, 700x528) | Biggish (.mp4, 48 Mb, 700x528) | Small (.avi, 16 Mb, 350x264)

Download subtitles (.srt)Read lyrics

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This vid premiered at the Vividcon challenge show. The challenge theme was IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination) and I couldn't resist.

Music: Club des Belugas
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Summary: All you got to do is swing.
Download: Big (.avi, 63 Mb, 640x480) | Medium (.mp4, 40 Mb, 640x480) | Small (.mp4, 18 Mb, 640x480) 
Right-click and save, please!

Lyrics )

Notes )

Feedback would be wonderful!
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Title: Improper Dancing
Artist: Electric Six
Fandom: Multi
Description: Just don't scare the horses.
Premiered at Club Vivid, Vividcon 2007.

Big version (.avi, 44 Mb, 720x480) | Small version (.avi, 10 Mb, 360x240) -- right-click and save, please!

Or watch the streaming version on Imeem.

Thanks to everyone who helped me find the right fandoms for this vid, and especially to [ profile] therienne and [ profile] aka_arduinna, who captured a ton of clips for me and helped me to pull it all together.

ETA: Here's a list of fandoms used in the vid.

Feedback very welcome!
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I've put my vids up on Imeem:

Imeem plays streaming video. It's like YouTube, but better quality, as long as you let the vid load first and then play it.

So far, the main advantages I've seen are:
  • you can rec and link directly to a vid, your own or someone else's, without compromising the vidder's bandwidth.
  • it's a lot easier to get an idea of a vidder's work, without having to remember passwords or navigate through a tiny-blinky-text website.
  • it's easy to drop the vidder a comment, for quick feedback; on LJ, it can feel odd to drop a comment on a vid post that's a year old, because LJ is so now-oriented, and it can also be difficult to find the vid post in the first place. On Imeem the vids and the comment box are right there. I do wish they'd make comments threaded, and include email notification. Right now there's no way to answer if someone leaves you feedback, and I really really want to be able to say thanks.
  • you can make playlists of both your own and other people's vids: fandom-specific playlists, 'favorite mood-lifting vids', 'personal top 10', 'scary vids' and so on, and then share those playlists with other people.
So far, many people have been using the 'vidding' tag on Imeem to differentiate between vids and other fanworks such as machinima (game engine animation) and fan films. There's more discussion on making vids accessible to a wider audience in the [ profile] vidding community: You Can't Stop The Signal, and on the Vidding meme on Imeem.

My vids will remain available as downloads on my website, both high-quality versions and small versions for dialup. I really hope other vidders will keep putting up files for download, too: there's nothing like a high-quality fullscreen vid that you can download and play again and again without adding to anyone's bandwidth. I won't be fully satisfied with services like Imeem until they can offer full screen streaming video files that are as good-looking as a 60 Mb Xvid encoded download.
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More answers to questions from the vid commentary meme. More questions or requests for commentary welcome!

Questions from [ profile] elke_tanzer:

What tools/software/codec/capture setup are you using to allow such gorgeous colors and clear images from the DVDs to shine through?

Technobabble )

Did you tweak any of the slow motion pans over Hercules' skin in the newest vid, or are those shots all that speed in the source?

Clip speed )

Do you worry about finding an audience for your HtLJ vids? How do you choose where to announce your vids when you post them?

Audience )
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Answers to questions from the vid commentary meme. More questions or requests for commentary welcome!

[ profile] ahary asked: How do you get an idea, how do you choose a song and what goes first - song or visuals or idea or what?

Song choice and ideas )

Also from [ profile] ahary: What are your favorite moments in the new Twanky vid?

Favorite moments )

And finally, where did this clip with her as Mary Poppins, where she floating on an umbrella, come from?

Heh. That's from the third Twanky episode, Greece Is Burning, in season Five. Screencaps for it are here.

I think I'd better split this up and answer more questions in another post, so this is part one. :-)
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The Escapade vidshow is over, and I can post my vid, yay! All kinds of comments welcome, criticism definitely included.

Many thanks to [ profile] falzalot for giving me the song, when I mentioned that I wanted to do a Twanky vid. I couldn't resist. And more thanks to [ profile] elynross, [ profile] flambeau and Thing 1 and 2 of [ profile] flummery for beta'ing and for not beating my head in when I first told them what I wanted to do.

Title: Holding Out For A Hero
Performed by: Jennifer Saunders
Fandom: Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Description: Widow Twanky demands perfection! And she will seek it out, even if that means personally inspecting -- ahem.

Big (.avi, 25 Mb, 720x480) | Small (.avi, 6.6 Mb, 320x240) -- right-click and save, please!

I recommend installing the free VLC player to play this vid (and just about any vid you can find). If you have trouble, this guide will help.

Site update

Feb. 3rd, 2006 01:11 pm
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I've put up half-size versions of my vids up on my site. They're 7 Mb or less, which I hope is doable if you're on dialup. (I did try to get the size down further, but ended up with a huge pixelated mess.) If anything looks wonky or you have trouble downloading, please let me know.

I should have done this earlier, but I'm afraid I was seduced by ever bigger and prettier encodes. Speaking of which: Ermac and [ profile] absolut3destiny have updated the inestimable Guide To All Things Audio And Video on with a walkthrough explaining how to encode your finished vid to Divx-compatible Xvid. I have tried it and it works beautifully. If you combine the VirtualDubMod settings with Avisynth scripts, as the Guide teaches you to, it really begins to look like magic.

(Of course magic isn't always benign. At one point, I changed one line of code and ended up with a truly bizarre-looking vid - blue-lipped Hercules with purple hair, or was it orange?)
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Many thanks to [ profile] falzalot, [ profile] flambeau, [ profile] flummery and [ profile] sockkpuppett for beta'ing and listening to my peculiar vid ideas.

Title: Do You Dream Of Me?
Music: Tiamat
Fandom: Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Summary: In all its forms, Dahak is obsessed with Hercules.

Download the vid (.avi, 21 Mb)

If you have any trouble playing the vid, please try the free VLC player, which plays just about anything.

Lyrics are here.

I'll post about the making of this vid later, right now I'm just happy to sling it online at last. *g*

Thoughts, comments, feedback of any kind are very welcome indeed. Happy Halloween!
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[X-posted to [ profile] vidding]

The Vividcon Premieres show is over, alas, but on the other hand: that means I can post my vid. Yay!

Fandom: Labyrinth
Music: "Blue Jean" by David Bowie
Format: .avi with the DivX codec
Size: 14.4 Mb
Description: You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting.

Download the vid (right-click and save, please!)

Read the lyrics

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: galumping great thanks to [ profile] elynross, [ profile] halimede and both halves of [ profile] flummery for beta-ing and to [ profile] sockkpuppett for teaching me how to mess with motion settings and track mattes at the very last minute. You all rock.

Should you have any trouble playing the vid, I have outlined some solutions on my vids page.

I would love to know what you think, and that includes critical feedback, here or at .

I'll probably do a post about the making of this vid later, once I have recovered from Saturday's fantastic family wedding.
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Ahem. Yes. Here's my first vid. Many many thanks to [ profile] elynross, [ profile] falzalot, [ profile] flummery and [ profile] halimede for beta'ing and egging me on. *g*

Title: Live Till I Die
Performed by: Frank Sinatra
Fandom: Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Description: The many lives of Iolaus.

Size: 11.9 Mb
Type: .avi with the Divx codec.

You can download it (right-click and save, please!) here.

There's just the one .avi version for now, but I have been told both PC and Mac users should be able to play it - if not, please let me know and I will do my best to fix it.
ETA: if you're having trouble playing the vid, you may want to try downloading and installing the DivX codec.

(A good free movie player for Windows, Mac OS, Linux or just about anything is VLC media player; another free player for Windows is Zoom Player. Neither comes with ads or 'channels' or spyware or any of that crap.)

I would love to know what you think, and that includes critical feedback.

Things I Learned From Making This Vid )

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