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Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide writer:

Hi! Yay, you share at least one of these wonderful fandoms with me, and I’m so glad you chose it. Have an excellent Yuletide! And please do not worry: optional details are optional, and any prompts are only there in case you’d like to have something to kickstart your story.

Things I love, in general

I love happy endings, especially after tense, difficult situations. Some of my favorite story tropes are hurt/comfort, A sacrificing himself for B, and "A thinks B is dead, but he's not really", but I also love light, funny stories, plot, snark, missing scenes, understated longing, ordinary domestic days in the life of the characters, epistolary stories, and stories written from an outsider’s point of view.

Things I love about these particular fandoms:

[Invisible Man, Darien Fawkes and Bobby Hobbes]
Awwww, Darien and Bobby, I love them so. They have the best banter, the best fights, the best enemies (Arnaud is one of my favorite villains ever) and they’re both kind of nuts, but also immensely competent when it counts. I’d love a slash or a gen story for them, and I’m not particular about ratings; what matters most to me is their emotional connection.

I love how Bobby and Darien slowly come to trust each other in the beginning, and end by being able to finish each other’s sentences, and how their interactions swing from incredibly intense and angsty (Tiresias, Flowers for Hobbes, Money for Nothing, yow) to hilariously offbeat and even sweet. I’m a big fan of the Official, Eberts, and the Keeper too.

If you would like specific prompts: maybe a story set after Flowers for Hobbes ends (“I'm pretty sure there’s one thing about me you don't know.” Oh yeah?), or about the secrets Claire keeps about Darien and Bobby, or something set in the Agency of Sequestered Seclusion, or a typical day at the lab until a new gland experiment backfires.

[Elfquest, Cutter and Skywise]
I love the deep trust and affection between Cutter and Skywise, how they always return to each other despite their differences and arguments. (The “No windows...couldn’t see the stars” moment is one of my favorites.) I’d love a slash story for them, since I’ve seen so very few, but a warm gen story would also be wonderful: what matters to me is that they care about each other.

Other things I love about them: Cutter’s absolute determination and ruthlessness when it comes to keeping his people safe, and the way that circle of “his people” keeps widening. Skywise’s wide-ranging imagination, and his ability to puncture other people’s drama (Cutter’s included) with a well-placed barb or a sly joke. I also love that they have a canon soulbond and such a long history between them, with rescues and arguments and reunions, not to mention some rather dramatic differences, now that Skywise has given up his wolf blood and Cutter has grown older than Skywise.

Please be nice to Leetah, if she’s in the story you want to write; I love her too, and I think this picture sums up how well she, Cutter, and Skywise fit together. Oh, and I’m keeping up with the new Final Quest storyline, so don’t worry about spoiling me if you want to venture bravely into the new series! If you didn’t offer Elfquest but are intrigued, all of the Elfquest comics are online for free.

If you would like specific prompts: um. Apparently I just want Cutter and Skywise stories forever, from whatever part of the series takes your fancy, but I'm stumped when it comes to specific ideas, so I hope that's not a deal-breaker.

[Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, Hercules and Iolaus]
I love this show a lot, and I doubt my crush on Iolaus will ever fade. I love the closely-woven partnership between Hercules and Iolaus, the way they always have each other’s backs, their affectionate snark and bickering, and their long, complicated history together. A slash or a gen story would make me equally happy; as long as they care about each other, I'm good.

I’m not a fan of Jester!Iolaus, or the Dahak demons-and-angels arc, but I love pretty much everything else. This show had so many of my favorite fannish tropes and themes: time-travel, parallel and mirror worlds, lots of hurt/comfort, creative anachronism, cross-dressing, doppelgängers, “he’s dead but not really”, two-people-against-the-world.

If you would like specific prompts: maybe a story about a difficult moment during the siege of Troy, or a missing scene from “Hero’s Heart” (one of my all-time favorite episodes), or an Iolaus from a different timeline who crashes into ‘our’ universe, or Hercules making a double-edged deal with Aphrodite, or Iolaus finally finding out whether Hercules is immortal, or just a low-key day in the guys’ life, maybe in winter.

[Mask of Apollo - Mary Renault, Nikeratos and Thettalos]
I love all Renault’s historical novels, and this one is a particular favorite because it doesn’t end in tragedy. Nikeratos and Thettalos are such a great pair -- they aren’t all that much alike, except for their fierce love of the theatre, but they complement each other so well. Please do write them as a couple, since this is one of the few fandoms around with a canon gay relationship. That said, I’d be perfectly happy with a G-rated story; it’s the emotional closeness that counts for me.

I love Nikeratos’s sense of humor, his fierce loyalty and kindness, and I love Thettalos for his impetuousness and his common sense, as well as his revolutionary approach to the stage. One of my favorite scenes is the bit where they go to rescue Plato, improvising all the way, and Nikeratos ends up performing the “Barnstormer’s Delight” for the guards -- it’s so funny and daring at the same time, and so very them.

If you would like specific prompts: maybe something about a difficult play they work on together, or a story about one of Thettalos’s wilder adventures and Nikeratos’s response to it, or a story set after their meeting with Alexander at the end of the book. Or hey, if you would like to write about the later events mentioned in the Alexander books, with Thettalos imprisoned at Pella and Nikeratos coming to ransom him, please feel free!

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