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Dear Yuletide Author

Hi! Yay, you share at least one of these wonderful fandoms with me, and I’m so glad you chose to write them. Have an excellent Yuletide! And please do not worry about the tl;dr below: optional details are optional, and only there in case you’d like to have something to kickstart your story.

Things I love, in general
I love happy endings, especially after tense, difficult situations. Some of my favorite story tropes are hurt/comfort, A sacrificing himself for B, and "A thinks B is dead, but he's not really". I also love light, funny stories, plot, snark, missing scenes, understated longing, ordinary domestic days in the life of the characters, epistolary stories, and stories written from an outside point of view.

Things I love about these particular fandoms:

The Lost Room, Suzie Kang
I could kick myself for not nominating this show, honestly, and I’m glad someone else did. If that was you, dear writer, hi, you rock! :D

I watched it for the first time this year and was riveted. It’s so good, and so smart, and so scary. I really want to know what happens after the show ends, but also what happened before -- all the objects we haven’t heard about, their histories, the people who held them. And I also think it’s a show that cries out for crossover fanfic of all kinds. Those objects could have ended up anywhere.

Of the four characters nominated, Suzie Kang is my favorite, with Wally a close second. I would love to read a story from her clever, acerbic POV. It has to take extraordinary willpower to track the objects every day without ever wanting to possess one, and I’d love to hear more about how she got involved.

Specific prompts, if you like: I’d love to know how she deals with the Legion and the Order and comes out on top, or how she traces one of the other objects we haven’t heard about yet, or extracts from some of her files, or the one time she was really, really tempted by an object.

Vorkosigan Saga, Miles Vorkosigan and Gregor Vorbarra
I never really thought about the Vorkosigan books as a slash fandom until I read A Deeper Season, and now I can’t get the Miles/Gregor pairing out of my head. But don’t worry if that’s not your thing, I’d be equally happy with a warm gen story.

I just love Miles and his hyperactive, crazy-determined schemes, and Gregor’s quiet, deeply held wish to carve out some personal happiness for himself without endangering the Empire. I also love pretty much everyone else in the Vorkosiganverse, so feel free to utilize any other characters as you like.

Specific prompts, if you like: Miles and Gregor on some unauthorized, un-Impsec-approved adventure, or a missing scene from The Vor Game where Gregor is at his lowest ebb, or a daring rescue by Miles that goes unexpectedly pear-shaped, or a day at the Imperial Residence from the POV of one of the Armsmen.

Burn Notice, Michael Westen and Sam Axe
I love the way these guys banter and flirt ("Sam, I could kiss you." "Get in line.") and o so competently rescue each other, and then wave off all thanks with "You would have done the same for me" -- the season 1 finale hit every one of my buttons, and then there was the “Sam takes Mike hostage and has to watch him get hurt” episode, which was also a fantastic example of their broccoli.

So, I would adore a Michael/Sam story, slash or warm gen, in the spirit of the show. And I love Fi, so please don’t treat her badly if she’s in the story.

Specific prompts, if you like: maybe a missing scene for one of their missions, or some backstory on how Sam and Mike first met, or just a quiet day spent at home, or the classic spy series trope of brainwashing/reprogramming.

NB: As much as I love this show, I am far from caught up -- I am somewhere in the middle of season 3, where a guy named Gilroy has just shown up, and would prefer to avoid spoilers for the rest of the series. Sorry, I hope this doesn’t hamper your plans!

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, Hercules and Iolaus
I have over 170 LJ posts tagged with “hercules: the legendary journeys”, and I probably forgot to tag some. What can I say? I love this show to bits, and I doubt my crush on Iolaus will ever fade. I love their closely-woven relationship, their affectionate bickering, and their long, complicated history together. More generally, I love the 'sword & sorcery meets postmodern mythology' feel of the show, the humor mixed with serious storytelling, all the colorful recurring characters, and the way the gods play outrageous games with mankind.

A slash or a gen story would make me equally happy; as long as Hercules and Iolaus care about each other, I'm good.

I’m not a fan of Jester!Iolaus, the Dahak arc or those unfortunate Christian elements from season 5, but I love the time-travel and parallel-world episodes, and all the fabulous storytelling possibilities that the blue portals open up. Also, the Widow Twanky *rules*, and I know she’s not even on the character list, but hey, if you have a story idea that includes her, go for it!

Specific prompts, if you like: maybe a story about a difficult moment during the siege of Troy, or a missing scene from “Hero’s Heart” (one of my all-time favourite episodes), or an Iolaus from a different timeline who crashes into ‘our’ universe, or Hercules making a double-edged deal with Aphrodite, or Iolaus finally finding out whether Hercules is immortal, or just a relatively low-key day in the guys’ life, maybe in winter.
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Now that reveal has happened, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for my fantastic, fantastic yuletide story. It was my very favourite thing about yuletide this year. Looking at what you usually tend to write, now, it looks like you may have gone significantly outside of your comfort zone for that, too, so a huge thanks for that as well! I really did love it, and have already read it more times than I can count.

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Dropping by to thank you again for 'The Tough Guide to Fantasy Cities' - what a delight and a pleasure! I hope you had as much fun writing it as I did reading it. :o)