Jul. 5th, 2011

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Dear Hercules: the Legendary Journeys fans, please help me figure out which episode this Hercules clip occurs in?

It's used in Hair, a terrific Media Cannibals vid from the VCR era that [personal profile] gwyn is remastering, and if I can find the right episode, I can give her the DVD version for her remaster.

All we've got is this very short clip. A floor of dry leaves, some possible buildings in the background, and Hercules doing a forward shoulder roll. Very generic.

But: if you slow the clip down frame by frame, you can just see that Hercules is wearing Iolaus' amulet. Which I thought meant that the clip must be from Descent, the second Dahak arc episode in season 5, but I've been through it twice already and I can't find the damn clip. If you remember, Hercules starts wearing Iolaus' amulet in the beginning of that episode, and then hands it back to Nebula at the end and sails off to Ireland for shenanigans with Morrigan.

So, is there another episode I've forgotten about where Hercules also wears Iolaus' amulet? Or am I off track entirely?

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