Dec. 29th, 2007

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Back again from the holidays; great fun, lots of long walks, came home with a cold. Am consoling myself with tea, eggdrop soup and Yuletide stories, which is just the best comfort there is - it's like grazing off a buffet with more than 2000 different dishes, you can't go wrong. I'm trying to leave comments as I go, and I'm bookmarking my favorites for a longer recommendation post later on.

Right now I want to draw attention to my favorite story so far, which is The Case of the Broken-Hearted Liar, a Holmes/Watson story that just about knocked me off my feet with its intensity. Gorgeous language, excellent character voices, and very lush and sensual in a believably Victorian way.

"We are here to observe to-night, Watson. I doubt there will be any events of interest for your pen, but I am, as always, glad of your company."

The rush of warmth at Holmes' heartfelt comment left me momentarily quiet, tracking his motions in the near-dark, the angling shadows created by his chilly smile. Before I could find words Holmes waved them away, uninterested in emotional demonstrations unless, it seemed, he was the one to make them.
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I have a cold, and I need Tim Gunn to murmur soothingly in my ear. (I love him to bits, and how adorable was he in the last episode, warning the designers that "I have made more bad decisions at three o'clock in the morning than I can list", and then blushing when they laughed, and calling himself an old fart for not seeing the innuendo immediately?) Sadly, I'm out of podcasts.

I've already listened to all the Project Runway podcasts for season three, and he's not doing them for season four, alas, but I know there were podcasts for every episode of season two. Only they're not up on Bravo's website anymore (click on the titles and you get bumped back to the front page), they're not on Itunes and I can't find a cache of them online anywhere.

Does anyone have any mp3's saved of Tim Gunn podcasts for season two of Project Runway? That could be put up on Mediafire or somewhere similar so I could download? *eyes flist in hope*

mary: what we need for Yuletide is Tim Gunn
arduinna: Tim Gunn as beta
mary: dude, he would rock
arduinna: "Okay, I trust you, but... I have to admit, I just don't get it. Are you *sure* about this?"
mary: "This is very similar to what you did last year. Take more risks! I have faith in you!"
merryish: "Make it work!"
mary: "Carry on!"
mary: I should internalize him somehow
mary: if I could only fire my internal editor and replace him with Tim Gunn...
merryish: And then he would bring in some third-rate writer to explain the challenge to us.

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