Dec. 18th, 2007

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There's a post up in [ profile] yuletide_admin about the dates for Yuletide Madness, which is a part of the yuletide challenge where people are writing last-minute pinch hits and stocking stuffers and extra stories just in case a pinch hit falls through, and there is this tremendous drive to make sure everybody has a story no matter how obscure the fandom they asked for, and I absolutely love it: fannish glee and generosity at its best.

Sadly I won't be hanging round IRC to catch the excitement this year: I'll be gone for a week or so starting this Friday, and I will probably have internet access, but the real trick will be finding private quiet time to devour the Yuletide archive after it goes live on the 25th.

So, my dear Yuletide author, my feedback may be a couple of days late, but I will be as fast as I can and am so looking forward to your story! I saw my request go out on the pinch hit list this morning, so I know you're having to scramble at the very last minute, and I love you for doing it: you rock. Also, please don't worry - my love for all four of these fandoms is mighty and fierce, and just knowing that you're writing a story in one of them is making me happy. Yay Yuletide!

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