Oct. 13th, 2007

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Thank you for offering the fandoms I love! You rock! May you have a fabulous Yuletide.

Here are some optional prompts and ideas. I haven't really done this prompt thing before, and I'm worried that I might somehow cause you to throw your own wonderful ideas overboard, so please don't feel bound by this in any way! I love all these fandoms, and just getting a story for one of them is going to make my day.

My bullet-proof kinks are hurt/comfort, one character sacrificing him/herself for another, and "A thinks B is dead, but he's not really". But I love light, funny stories too, and plotty stories with snark and worldbuilding, and adventure stories with fighting and magic, and stories with understated pining and angst that end in love, and stories that show an ordinary day in the life of the characters.

For Ile-Rien:

I would adore an Ilias, Giliead and Tremaine adventure in Vienne, or a story about Gil and Ilias as kids/teens and their developing friendship, or one that deals with the more difficult aspects of being a Chosen Vessel.

For Hercules: the Legendary Journeys:

I'd love a story about Hercules and Iolaus at Troy, or a Hercules/Iolaus first time slash story from their Academy days, or a story where Hercules and Iolaus have a tough time dealing with something/someone from another mythology, or with an element from the Greek myths that we haven't seen on the show yet.

For Venture Brothers:

ETA: I'm worried about you being worried, so just to be sure: I chose 'any' and meant it. Anything below is just in case you are the kind of writer who likes specific idea or character prompts as a starting point. I will be absolutely delighted with a VB story about any and all of the characters, I promise!

I'm not so much about the porn with this fandom, though I admit having some slashy speculations about Doctor Orpheus and Doctor Venture in that motel room together, but really, you don't have to go there unless you want to. :-)

A Team Venture adventure story would be great, or a story about Brock Samson at his most dangerous, or about the Monarch and his henchmen, or about Dr Girlfriend and/or Doctor Orpheus saving the day and showing off their mad skills. Mentions of Bowie a plus - I am a longtime Bowie fan, and the last two episodes of season two made me insanely happy. In short: crazy plans! Daring escapes! Banter and bizarreness! Henchmen and hijinks! GO TEAM VENTURE!

For The Real Ghostbusters:

Anything with an actual bust or ghosts/myths/villains in it would be wonderful! I also adore the little domestic bits the series often has in the opening scenes, so a 'day in the life' story would be great.

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