Dec. 30th, 2006

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First set of Yuletide story recommendations is here, second set is here.

The Buried Treasure Racket (The Sting). PG-13. Slash.  Johnny and Henry find another mark to con, but there's more than money at stake. Pick a couple of empty hours, find yourself a good chair, and read this long, satisfying, utterly wonderful story. In the giant heap of amazing stories this year, this one stands out. WOW.

For me, it arrived at a perfect moment: I had just rewatched The Sting and I'd also just read The Big Con by David Maurer, which IIRC was the basis for the movie. This story takes up where the movie left off, but it's an entirely standalone story where Johnny and Henry pull off another brilliant 'long con'. The author did her research - on cons, on sleight-of-hand, on the right kind of slang - and folded it effortlessly into the story, and it's like the best kind of caper story AND the best kind of subtle, warm, delicious slash story all rolled into one, and seriously, what do I say to make you all read this RIGHT NOW?

The Mostly-Secret Diary of Rick (The Young Ones). PG. Adrian Mole's diary, as written by snotty Rick. Hee! I think the poetry was my favorite part. I love this aspect of Yuletide - I wouldn't go hunting for The Young Ones fanfic, because I was pretty much content with the show itself (ditto Blackadder, AbFab and other British comedies), but I came across this story on the archive and it's just hilarious.

Cleopatra's Needle (The Addams Family). PG. Morticia as a young woman, gardening in the suicides' graveyard and meeting Gomez for the first time. There was a bumper crop of excellent Addams Family fic this year, and this one is my favorite. I always loved Morticia and Gomez' relationship in the cartoons and the movie; this story could be from either, though it has some movie references, and it's beautifully written and just as twistedly romantic. I believe they met just like this.

Four Things Howl Never Told Sophie and One Thing He Did (Howl's Moving Castle). PG. Howl and Sophie are growing older. When [ profile] therienne recs a Howl story I know it'll be good, and this was just adorable. Tender but not schmoopy, and Howl and Sophie's voices both felt very right.

Pimp and Pomposity (Blackadder). R. Blackadder procures some company for the Prince of Wales. Wow. Perfect Blackadder voice, lots of witty dialogue, references to other episodes and running gags, and even a dig at Austen. HEE.

Area 51 (Queer as Folk UK) NC-17, slash. Stuart and Vince make a road trip to Area 51 and have an alien encounter. People have been recommending this already, right? I just haven't seen it? I hope so, because it's a funny, sexy Vince/Stuart story, and then there's the bit near the ending where I died with glee. It turns into a crossover, and one that I have been wanting to read for the longest time. (Okay, a hint: Vince's last name is Tyler.)

Back Row Hecklers (Muppets). PG. Why do Statler and Waldorf keep coming back? Aw. Bittersweet and adorable. Small flaily frog!

Yes, Sir, Jeeves (PG Wodehouse -- Jeeves and Wooster). NC-17, slash. Wooster takes on the role of Jeeves' manservant. This is just wonderful - language and voice perfectly Wodehousean, which is a triumph in itself, and completely in character for both. Plus such a lovely plot that I wondered at Plum for not using it himself. I may have maiden-aunted my way through the explicit bit at the end, but that was very well written too, and I completely adored the whole thing. Just, YAY! I'll be rereading this, definitely.

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