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marycrawford ([personal profile] marycrawford) wrote2012-11-20 07:59 pm

Incoming books of yay! New Lois McMaster Bujold and new Martha Wells

I saw a couple people mention the new Lois McMaster Bujold book -- starring Ivan! -- and thought I'd check, and yes, it's out:

Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (in hardcover at Amazon)
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (multiple format ebook at Baen)

Bless Baen for doing the ebook thing right -- they bring out the ebook along with the hardcover, DRM-free, in formats suitable for any e-reader (Kindle format, epub, html, you name it, even Rocketbook which I don't think anyone uses anymore but me) and for a very reasonable price. And you get all the formats at once, too, so you can read the book in multiple ways if you desire.

The new Martha Wells book, the third in the Raksura series, is also out, with a gorgeous cover:

The Siren Depths (in paperback at Amazon)

Baen has the two previous books in the series as multiple format ebooks, and I can't recommend either of these books enough:

The Cloud Roads (book 1 of the Raksura series, see my review)

The Serpent Sea (book 2 of the Raksura series)

Amazon also has these as Kindle ebooks, and it looks like their Kindle version of The Cloud Roads might be cheaper than Baen's at the moment, but Amazon prices change every second, so ymmv.