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[personal profile] marthawells's fantasy novel The Cloud Roads is a free Kindle ebook today.

That is excellent news, particularly as this is her first book in a new series, with book 2, The Serpent Sea, coming out in January.

The Cloud Roads is a spectacular fantasy. It's entirely its own thing: I can't easily point to another book or genre and say "that's what it's like", which is praise in itself. The landscape is unique, the characters come in all colors and shapes -- the main character, Moon, is a winged shapechanger who has never found anyone belonging to his own kind, amid all the people with gills and tusks and scales -- and it has all the Martha Wells trademarks of deep worldbuilding, clever, competent and witty characters, and a ton of plot.

Mostly, what I keep thinking as I read this book is: I want Miyazaki to film this. I want that SO BAD. He would get such a kick out of the flying people and airships and floating sky islands and cities built like giant wheels. *flails*

Note: the free Kindle ebook isn't available in Europe (at least, not to me, snf) but it should work just fine in the US.

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