dorinda: From a French postcard of 1902: a woman in hat, coat, cravat, and walking stick writes on a pad of paper. (writer)
dorinda ([personal profile] dorinda) wrote in [personal profile] marycrawford 2011-11-01 10:53 pm (UTC)

I would love to see you post about anything at all!

...not helpful, huh. Hmmm.

Perhaps you could expound upon this moment from the Granada version of Abbey Grange.

Elucidate the mysterious attractiveness of the vest + sash combination on the television hero (as per subtype Kirk-in-Mirror-Universe and subtype Iolaus).

Talk about your potential ideas for asking/offering for Ye Yuletides?

...Although you know, those Ella videos are awesome matter for an entry! You could simply point out more things you are enjoying/watching/reading/somethinging. I like glimpses into your delicious brains.

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