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Dear Yuletide writer:

Hi! Yay, you share at least one of these wonderful fandoms with me, and I’m so glad you chose it. Have an excellent Yuletide! And please do not worry: optional details are optional, and any prompts are only there in case you’d like to have something to kickstart your story.

Things I love, in general

I love happy endings, especially after tense, difficult situations. Some of my favorite story tropes are hurt/comfort, A sacrificing himself for B, and "A thinks B is dead, but he's not really", but I also love light, funny stories, plot, snark, missing scenes, understated longing, ordinary domestic days in the life of the characters, epistolary stories, and stories written from an outsider’s point of view.

Things I love about these particular fandoms:

Invisible Man, Darien Fawkes and Bobby Hobbes )

Elfquest, Cutter and Skywise )

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, Hercules and Iolaus )

Mask of Apollo - Mary Renault, Nikeratos and Thettalos )

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I don't follow Boing Boing regularly, so I'm happy I saw this: Wendy and Richard Pini are working on the last chapter of Elfquest.

Not one of the millionty spinoffs, which I did not care for, but the original story. (In the new comic so far, there are references to all those spinoffs, but it doesn't look like the Pinis expect you to have read them.)

And they're publishing it page by page on Boing Boing as Elfquest - the Final Quest. One new page every Monday. Yay!

ETA: there is also an RSS feed for just the comic.

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