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Still watching my new Farscape dvd's for the first time. There was a brief hiatus finishing a vid for Vividcon (all done, uploaded, woo!) and since then I've watched a bunch of eps from Season 1, including Jeremiah Crichton, A Human Reaction and Through the Looking Glass.

Some reactions with ep-specific spoilers )

Comments very welcome, just please don't spoil me for specific events to come!
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I've been watching Farscape for the first time the last week or so -- I'm still in season 1 and have managed to avoid all spoilers so far, so please DO NOT SPOIL in comments, thank you! But please do join in if you've watched the series.

I never caught this show while it was on the air, and I have been hearing from a lot of people that I missed out. So far, I'm definitely inclined to agree. The show looks amazing, and has a lot of actually alien aliens, which is one of my favorite things in SF. They live on Moya, a ship that is a sentient being, with a pilot who is in a symbiotic relationship with her! J'adooore.

It also doesn't hurt that this isn't a standard Trek-ish story of human explorers with token aliens; the main cast has exactly one human, John Crichton, whom I really like so far. He has Very Nice Arms, and keeps making these completely inappropriate geeky cultural references that nobody else gets, because duh, he's the only human on board. This could be really annoying, but instead it just delights me. In the very first eps he calls a planet Dagobah, and later on he introduces himself and Aeryn to alien bounty hunters as "I'm Butch. This is Sundance. We're the Hole in the Sky Gang."

I also enjoy how everyone else thinks John's kind of a backward species from a primitive planet, and he can't really disagree. "Human. It’s kinda like Sebacean, but we haven’t conquered other worlds yet, so we just kick the crap out of each other." And in the episode I just watched, John tells Aeryn that yes, he does want to go back to Earth even though it's primitive and has wars and disease and no spaceflight -- "but you guys don't have chocolate."

One of the aliens looks human, but she really isn't. That's Aeryn Sun, whom I ADORE. Oh Aeryn. Snarky, gorgeous, stiff-necked and supremely competent. I think she stole my heart first when she got annoyed at John flirting with someone else and expressed her feelings by lifting a massive piece of equipment over her head. She then carried it down the corridor, glaring and yelling something like "Am I the only one around here who gets any work done?". <3

And then there is Zhaan (spelling thanks to [personal profile] flambeau, I sure couldn't tell from the dialogue) -- lovely blue alien priestess who gets orgasms from sunlight and who seems very relaxed and zen at first, right up until she cuts off someone's arm. And D'Argo the Luxan warrior, who has just mournfully said that he and Crichton can never be friends. I bet he is wrong wrong wrongity wrong. At least I hope so, having seen [personal profile] sdwolfpup's adorable Moving Right Along vid. And Rigel, who is a muppet but that is just to fool you -- he is not cute. He is mean, and will sling snot at you if you displease him. Which you will. When you die, he will be first in line to steal your shoes.

I got the complete Farscape dvd set thanks to an Amazon sale that is still ongoing: the Farscape: The Complete Series dvd set for just $50. They last had this sale around Christmas, and I waffled about ordering the set, and then when I finally decided to do it, the price had gone back up again. But it's been $50 now for a while.

Caveat: this dvd set has a lot of commentaries and other extras, but it doesn't have The Peacekeeper Wars, which is a miniseries made after Farscape the series ended. But I figure by the time I've gotten through all the seasons of Farscape, I'll be able to pick it up for cheap; it's less than 10 bucks now.

The British DVD set does have Peacekeeper Wars, but it's also well over 60 pounds, so that doesn't seem like such a great deal in comparison.
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According to TVshows on DVD, Universal is re-releasing the Hercules: the Legendary Journeys dvds, but possibly without the five TV movies that started the series or any of the commentaries and other extras of the original release; season 1 is going to be three single-sided discs, which really sounds like...not a lot.

The original Anchor Bay dvd releases are now out of print, but easy to find on Ebay, and it seems like those would still be a better deal, if you don't mind that the sets are bulkier than the new slim-line ones.

ETA: Universal is also re-releasing the Xena: Warrior Princes dvds. Not a lot of detail yet, but this set also has less discs than the previous Anchor Bay release. I still regret not picking up all the Xena season sets when they were on a 2-for1 sale at DeepDiscountDVD...
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I posted this in a comment to [community profile] cox_and_co and wanted to give the heads-up to my friends as well: Amazon UK is running a very nice sale on DVDs until December 4th, and one of the best bargains is the complete series of Granada TV Sherlock Holmes episodes and movies on DVD for just 29.99 UK pounds. This is the series with Jeremy Brett as Holmes and first David Burke, then Edward Hardwicke as Watson, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

I bought a similar set the last time Amazon UK had a promotion: this one, which was 40 UKP then and is now back to 117 UKP, and am very happy with it. It doesn't have any extras, but it has very good picture quality and sound; I had an earlier DVD set of just The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, where the sound was noticeably off in places and the picture was very dark.

Also, in the newer DVDs the subtitles are actually accurate as opposed to hilarious. (Where Holmes said something like: "We must catch this gang" in that inimitable Brett drawl, the subtitle was "We must catch this guy". Yeah, very Victorian.)

These dvds are region 2, so people not in the UK will need a region free dvd player -- if yours isn't, do google the exact brand and model number along with "region free", because many dvd players can be made region free just by pressing a code with your remote.
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So, [personal profile] dorinda told me about this 1956 Hollywood movie I should see called "Trapeze", and I did, and loved it -- I am adding it to my Yuletide list, in fact, because this is a movie that simply cries out for fanfic. It almost, almost gets to the point where a slash fanfic ending would not even have been necessary, and then stops. Seriously, it's like the last reel has just gone missing somewhere.

"Trapeze" stars a young, gorgeous Tony Curtis as the up-and-coming talented acrobat who wants to learn the triple salto and a somewhat older, still gorgeous Burt Lancaster as the crippled, experienced ex-acrobat who winces every time he sees so much as a dangling rope, and the equally gorgeous Gina Lollobrigida as the Italian intrigante who aims to become the star of the circus and tries to break up their partnership.

The boys wear tights. And arm wraps. And...not really much else? I think some pants and shirts are involved when they're not in the circus, but they look very good in those, too. Gina wears breathtaking gold spangled outfits. Did I mention this movie is in Technicolor, and filmed in an actual circus?

The boys gaze at each other with (on Tony Curtis' part) industrial amounts of joyful flirtiness and wide-open longing and (on Burt Lancaster's part) dizzying amounts of inner pain and nobility and secret yearning, and then they hold discussions about the catcher/flyer relationships, and about their hearts beating in time, and they train and try for the triple salto mortale together, and then there is the actual flying, and the intense emotional entanglements that should revolve around Gina and yet always, always come back to just the two of them.

Screencaps and discussion and movie download links over at [personal profile] dorinda's place! Bring potluck!
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DeepDiscountDVD has a buy-one-get-one-free sale until the 21st. (Thanks to [ profile] elynross for the tip!)

The sale includes all season box sets of Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, which means you can buy two seasons of HtLJ for 18 dollars total.

They've also got all the Xena and Highlander box sets; those are a bit pricier, but 30 dollars for two seasons is still a pretty good deal.

Shipping is free for USians, for the rest of us it's still fairly cheap. Note: I've ordered from DDD before and found their service reliable, but their shipping erratic: one box set never arrived, and they sent me a free replacement that appeared to have traveled via Sweden.
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Okay, so I reported on the Deep Discount DVD 2-for-1 offer on Hercules DVD sets (seriously, nine bucks for a whole season, including extras. That I paid fifty for, back in the day! Plus shipping! In the snow!), and [ profile] gryphonrhi asked:

"If I were buying one or two seasons of Hercules for an introduction to the fandom, which ones would you recommend?"

Oh, good question. Because I am likely to wax enthusiastic on this topic, I give you the short answer first: you can't go wrong with Season 1, 2 or 3, and you don't have to start at 1. If you want a shortcut to the fabulousness of the Widow Twanky and the cracktasticness of Porkules, start at season 4 instead.

Long answer, including spoilers, demigods, monsters and the Widow Twanky )
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DeepDiscountDVD is holding a 'Buy 1 get 1 free' sale on DVD boxsets.

The DVD sets in the sale include Hercules: the Legendary Journeys season sets (at $17.99 each), Xena season sets ($29.99 each) and Highlander season sets ($29.99 each). Buy two, get the cheapest one free.

This sounds like a good deal if you've been waiting to buy these. I've bought DVDs from DeepDiscount before; their shipping is rather slow, but they replaced a set of mine that got lost at no charge, and their shipping charges to Europe are very reasonable. (Shipping to the US is free, you jammy bastards.)

Please note that the first season of Hercules isn't included in the sale, but they have it at a regular price of $11.99.
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Could 'The Sentinel', the show that spawned a million fanfics, finally make it to DVD? TVShowsonDVD speculates:
"It has been more than two and a half years since Paramount became interested in fan feedback about whether or not they would be interested in getting The Sentinel on DVD. The answer was a resounding "yes", as the series - which got its broadcast start on UPN in '96 as Star Trek: Voyager's Wednesday night lead-in - jumped to the top of polls and request lists, and is currently the 27th most-requested unreleased show here at TVShowsOnDVD. Could all that fan interest finally have paid off?

Paramount Home Entertainment's press site consists of folders for every property they may bring out onto home video. When there's no folder, there's no release. When there is a folder, then a release is on the way or already here. Now there's a new folder on that password-protected press site, and it is labeled The Sentinel - Season 1. That surely sounds hopeful, eh?

The folder in question is currently empty, which means that there's no artwork, no specs, no description, and no release date. It's a cinch this is probably coming in 2006, but beyond that reasonable expectation we have nothing more to tell you right now. Paramount was unable to comment on this and other titles when we attempted to reach them late this afternoon, but pledged to look into them for us early next week. So stay tuned, and we'll let you know what we find out!"

I'm getting all nostalgic now. I was never quite a Sentinel fan, but I was definitely a Sentinel fanfic fan. Martha, Francesca, Merry Lynne, Bone, Helen...good times.
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[X-posted to [ profile] hxyh_announce]

I've gotten a couple of questions in email from European Hercules fans about the DVD sets - they aren't easily available over here - and especially about what extras are on them, so I thought I'd expand my answers and put them up here too. Please comment with followups or corrections!

ETA: I've added more details to this post, with many thanks to Sue Sanders and [ profile] dchan07.

What are the extras on the H:tLJ DVD sets?
TVShowsonDVD has detailed reviews for all five of the Hercules season DVDsets, with a very complete listing of the commentaries, interviews and other tidbits, including time codes so you can see how long they are. *g*

What's this about a special Best Buy version, and should I get it?
The five season sets were produced in two different versions: the normal version sold everywhere and a version sold only at Best Buy, a store that doesn't ship overseas. The Best Buy sets had an 'Exclusive Content' banner on the front and an extra feature inside.

# In the season 1 set, the Best Buy extra was The Men Behind The Myth (60 mn) which is immediately followed by a 30 mn conversation between Kevin Sorbo and director Bill Norton, on disc 3.

# In the season 2 set, the Best Buy extra is 30 minutes of more interviews with Kevin, Michael, and Tapert, similar to the season one interviews ('as a matter of fact, Michael's, at least, is more excerpts from the same interview--you can tell because he still has his dark Hamlet hair'). The exclusive interviews are on disk 6.

Note: Contrary to what I posted earlier, the 'bonus disc' was apparently included in ALL the season 2 sets, Best Buy and normal. It has a 20+ minute blooper reel, hour-long interview with Rob Tapert, Kevin Sorbo on "Regis and Kathy", costume designs and a special effects feature on the making of the Argonauts episode with the animated skeletons. (Thanks, Sue, for clearing this up!)

# In the season 3, 4 and 5 sets, the extras diminished in quality - they were half-hour 'interviews' with cast and crew that were really bits and pieces cut out of the other interviews.

When's the sixth season coming out?
The sixth and last season of Hercules: the Legendary Journeys is coming out on DVD on July 12th this year. There are only eight episodes, and it's reputed to be a five-disc set. According to TVShowsonDVD, it will have the following extras:

# Featurette: "Bringing Monsters To Life At K.N.B. 2FX Group - Part 3"

# Audio Commentaries and Interviews with Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, Paul Robert Coyle and Other Cast and Crew Members

# Final Episode - Behind The Scenes
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TVshowsonDVD have news about the release of the sixth season DVD set for Hercules: the Legendary Journeys:
Early in January we posted a heads-up that Anchor bay would conclude the DVD retail releases of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys this Summer with a 6th Season compilation that included "commentary tracks with star Kevin Sorbo as well as new cast & crew interviews and other exciting features to be announced." We're still waiting on Anchor Bay's official announcement, but e-tailer now has a pre-order listing for this. According to the information there, the SRP is $39.95 (DVDPlanet's current cost is $27.97, though), and the ship date is July 12 for a 5-DVD set. Stay tuned for more!

The infamous Hercules store still says 'Pre-order now for May 2005 delivery'.

I've never seen any of the episodes for this season - there are only 8, so I'm still hoping for some good extras on the DVDs - and though I know this season was not the greatest, I still can't wait to see these eps. At least, from what I hear, they ended the series in style, with Hercules and Iolaus walking away into the sunset together. (OK, I may have imagined the sunset. But at any rate they were both still alive and well, which is something, given what happened at the end of Xena.)
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OK, so the house of ill repute that is the Hercules store (owned by the same people as the equally ill-famed Highlander store) now has something for sale they call the Hercules Action Pack DVD collection, for $39.99.

It's a mishmash - two of the TV movies (Lost Kingdom and Amazon Women), the Xena trilogy (Warrior Princess, The Gauntlet and Unchained Heart), the Young Hercules movie and the animated movie. These are all for sale separately, on DVD and VHS, and the first five are all on the Hercules season 1 DVD set, which would be a much better buy if you ask me.

But what caught my attention is this bit of marketing speak:
"the legendary action comes alive with loads of new features like behind-the-scenes documentaries, deleted scenes and outtakes, alternate endings, and other cool stuff as well."
No details on what any of the cool stuff actually is, of course. Maybe they just stuck some of the DVD season set extras on there? Maybe the extras are entirely legendary, like the famous 'European extended scenes'? Anyway, I just wanted to give you the heads-up - if any of you actually see this in stores, I'd appreciate more details.
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I am not feeling very organized, or indeed sentient, and am also very behind on self-imposed Things I Should Be Doing, like rec posts for [ profile] herc_iolaus, writing and vidding and ugh, cleaning house, so instead I'll throw up some random thoughts on the Hercules season 5 DVDs. Screencaps to follow, I think. Anything that doesn't require a brain seems like a worthwhile undertaking right now. Hmm. Icons? *g*

- I found a small Easter Egg on the first of the season 5 discs (any version, not necessarily Best Buy). Put the disc in, wait til the main menu comes up, then go through the navigation options until nothing is selected. There are links to three episodes, a Gallery, a Weblink and a mysterious dot that turns out to link to the credits - you want none of these highlighted. When you have succesfully selected nothing at all, press enter, or play, or whatever button seems appropriate, and you'll get an outtake followed by some dailies with and without blue screen effects. As far as I know, there are no Easter Eggs on any of the other season sets, but I've not searched for them exhaustively. If you know of any, tell me!

- On the Stranger and Stranger commentary, Paul Robert Coyle talks about what they originally had planned for this episode. It's true, some of the shots make a lot more sense when you know they were intended to be 3-D. You also have to wonder what Tapert was smoking, but never mind. And then there's the whole Pregnant!Sovereign thing I talked about earlier. Eeek. I was fascinated to learn that there was talk of setting part of this episode in the parallel Underworld, and that AU!Strife had the role of Hades there as King of the Underworld (what with being dead and everything, he seemed suitable, as Coyle says). I would have loved to see that.

- On the CD-Rom included with the set, the only interesting bit I could find are the production notes and call sheets for several episodes in .pdf format, under 'Extras'. Unfortunately, they've created some kind of shell for these which makes them extremely difficult to navigate. But if you just look at the contents of the CD-Rom in your file browser, you'll find the complete .pdf file in the folder media>scripts, called script01.pdf. It doesn't contain any scripts, though, just notes, but some of those are fascinating:
"IOLAUS 2 - Michael Hurst and Bruce request discussion and clarification of the Iolaus 2 character ie. he will now be Hercules' new sidekick for episodes to come. What is he like? What bonds them other than the fact that he looks like dead Iolaus? Should he be less whining, complaining, bumbling?"
- I still foolishly want the Best Buy extra for this season, even though I know it'll be lame. My trade offer is still open.

- I didn't notice this before, but in Greece Is Burning, Michael Hurst plays another role beside the Widow Twanky. He's only on screen for half a minute, but it's unquestionably him - even though he's listed in the credits as 'Billy Wagstaff'. (Sounds like a pun on Shakespeare to me. *eg*) Also, while Hercules is building up the stage for Twanky's show, he lifts a block of stone with a bas-relief depicting a blonde, blue-eyed man in a purple vest with a manaia in his hands...


Mar. 6th, 2005 12:06 pm
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The bad news is that my Hercules season 5 DVDs were shipped January 13th and still haven't arrived here. Considering that [ profile] laurashapiro's gorgeous vid DVD arrived here in four days' time, I think we can consider them lost. Not surprising, actually, once I discovered that the seller made a mistake in my postal code.

The good news is that they are sending me a new set free of charge. Now I do hope that this one will get here in the 10-20 days time range they promised...

In the meantime, does anyone have moments in Hercules season 5 that they would particularly like me to take screencaps of? Take it as read that I will be screencapping the first and the last episode (dying in Herc's arms and welcome back hug, in other words) until my fingers drop off. But in between those two, there are a lot of other episodes that I may or may not get around to - if you let me know you'd love to see a particular moment capped, I will give that first priority. Drop me an email at mcvices at gmail dot com, or comment below. :-)
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The Hercules Store is advertising that the season 6 DVD set will come out in May 2005. They've got it priced at $29.99, and they've also got a 'Legendary Collection' listed of all six season box sets together for $179.00. No images, no details.

Warning: I've heard nothing but bad news about the Hercules Store or their reps, and they organize advertising campaigns which consist of getting fans to post spam for them: "Your mission is to post messages about the Hercules Legendary Collection." In short, I wouldn't advise buying anything from them directly.

In other news, has the first season H:tLJ set on sale for $25.58.
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DigitallyObsessed has a new review of the Hercules: the Legendary Journeys season 5 DVD set, with a good overview of the season and some comments on the extras included:
Many of the comments come from Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst, who sometimes have foggy memories about the episodes, but they do exude plenty of enthusiasm for the show. Rob Tapert also appears and delivers his typical autistic diatribe about various things that never happened high level of informative material.*
The best commentary occurs on Faith with Sorbo and Hurst discussing this pivotal episode.
DeepDiscountDVD says that it has the season 5 set in stock and that they will ship it 'in a day or two'. Excuse me? If you've got them in stock today, then you can damn well ship them today. Grrr. Also, today is the official release date, so the set should be in stores everwhere, including Best Buy (where the set should have 30 mins of exclusive interview snippets, but is more expensive than at DDD.)

* OK, that was me, not DigitallyObsessed. But you knew that.
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As [ profile] ltlj mentioned, the Hercules: the Legendary Journeys season 5 DVD set is coming out on January the 11th, and DeepDiscountDVD has it listed at $41.99, plus free shipping for you lucky Americans. (The international shipping is $8.95, which is very reasonable.)

Also note that Amazon has the 1st season set for $31.98.

In the past, I've bought these sets from Best Buy via [ profile] ltlj's kind offices, because the BB sets have an 'exclusive extra'. However, these extras have steadily gone downhill, and on the last sets it's just been a half-hour extra 'interview' with various people, consisting of bits snipped from other interviews. From the reports, that's what it will be this time, too.

Trade offer
I'd still like to have the Best Buy 5th season extra just for completism's sake - is anyone buying there, able to rip and willing to trade? I'll trade you one of the other season extras, or a 1000-word Hercules/Iolaus fanfic to your specifications. Comment here, or contact me at marycrawford at squidge dot org, and we'll work something out.

In other news, TVShowsonDVD has info on the 6th season DVDs, which are apparently coming out in 'early summer 2005'. This will be our last chance to ask for more bloopers, cast interviews, raw footage, fan club tape material, wrap party footage, anything and everything you can think of - the 6th season is only 8 episodes long, so there's lots of room for extras.

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