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Aug. 30th, 2015 12:34 pm
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Bright Star
source: Jupiter Ascending (2015)
song/artist: better if you don't know
pairings/characters: loneliness/Caine Jupiter/destiny, Jupiter/Caine, Abrasax siblings/the genetic recurrence of their mother (aka royal incest), Bob the bureaucratic android
length/size/format: 3:55 / 38MB / mp4

content notes: royal incest, fast cuts, violence & sci-fi violence, violence against women, more fast cuts

summary: Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art—

download and streaming on dreamwidth / livejournal


this premiered at VidUKon 2015:

source: The Mask (1994)
song/artist: Damn You Look Good and I’m Drunk (Scandalous) by Cobra Starship, featuring VIP
pairings/characters: Stanley Ipkiss/Mask, mask/shenanigans, etc etc
length/size/format: 3:59/22MB/mp4

content notes: lyrics contains transphobic language at 2:29.

download and streaming on dreamwidth and / livejournal


Stray Paper
source: Äkta Människor (Real Humans) - series 1 only
song/artist: “Stray Paper” by The Gaslight Anthem
pairings/characters: Leo, Leo/Mimi, Niska, Bea
length/size/format: 2:48/21MB/mp4

content notes: explicit violence, body modification, torture, body mutilation, child abuse, depression, suicide, nudity.

summary: All my love became blood on stray paper.

download and streaming on dreamwidth / livejournal

Code push done!

Aug. 29th, 2015 10:00 pm
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We're updating the site momentarily! Once the dust settles, please let us know if anything isn't working as expected. I'll edit the entry here if we confirm any issues.

Update, 22:30: We've been done for about 30 minutes and haven't seen any issues, so please go ahead and let us know if you notice any problems!
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title Pompeii
fandom: Doctor Who (Season 8)
characters: Twelve & Clara
music: Pompeii by Bastille
summary: Does it almost feel like you've been here before?

link: Dreamwidth / LiveJournal

Code push!

Aug. 29th, 2015 01:12 pm
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[staff profile] mark and I are planning to do a code push tonight! We will start working around 7pm Pacific time but since it's my first time, the actual push to the site probably won't happen until closer to 8pm Pacific time.

Here's a partial list of changes that will go live with this push:

  • Rename swaps will accept rename tokens purchased on either account.

  • OpenID community maintainers will be able to edit tags on community entries.

  • Adorable new mood theme called "angelikitten's Big Eyes".

  • Username tag support for

  • Embedded content support for and

  • Additional space on the user profile page to list your Github username.

And as usual, many tweaks, small bugfixes, and the occasional page source rewrite.

We'll update again to let you know when the code push is in progress!
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characters : Furiosa, The Wives, The Many Mothers
vidder : niyalune
music : Fight Song by Rachel Platten
summary :Can you here my voice this time?
warnings : violence, blood, quick cuts

stream and download @ DW / LJ
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BAM Video Vault, the fan run video service is moving. It may go offline as soon as Sept 5, 2015 and there will be downtime until the move is completed. is trying to raise funds to help pay for the move and new service. They have a brief overview here and a donation page here.  The site owner says he has backed up the vids, but I always encourage people to make their own backups.

Please feel free to copy, paste, repost or link to this post to help spread the word.

To give an idea of the size of BAM, they currently host 15,000 vids and also provide space for another 3,000 embedded vids. They've been in operation continuously since 2009 and were a safe haven for many fans when iMeem, Viddler and Blip.TV went down. They also offer embedded streaming for vids that have been blocked on Youtube or Vimeo.
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title: “perles de pluie”
vidder: mswyrr
song: Nina Simone - “Ne Me Quitte Pas”
fandom: MMFR
summary: i will offer you / pearls made of rain / come from lands / where it never rains
vidder’s notes: Huge thanks to vesperregina and evayna for taking the time to beta this vid. I was stuck before their excellent feedback showed me how to get moving again! <3

streaming )

vimeo | youtube | lyrics | sendspace |
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Title: Dear Dear Friend
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Music: Hotel Song by Regina Spektor
Characters/Pairing: Steve/Danny
Summary: Come into my world, I've got to show show show you
Content Notes: violence, torture, hurt/comfort and also much fluff and sweetness

streaming + download here on lj and here on dw
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The con will be held on July 29-31, 2016, in Arlington, Virginia. If you register between now and January 1st, 2016, the price will be $90. Please note, you must be 18 or older on July 29th, 2016, to attend the con.

We will be offering scholarships in 2016! We are again offering our Minotaur Scholarship in memory of our friend and fellow fan, Minotaur, and will give one full membership to a new attendee. We will also have some need-based full and partial memberships available to fans who request them (depending on donations to the scholarship fund). New this year, two full memberships are being offered through Con or Bust to help people of color/non-white people attend the con.

To register for CON.TXT 2016, fill out the registration form, remember your email and password, and click through to pay for your membership or request a scholarship. If you've attended CON.TXT in the past, you can log in to connect to your existing badge name and pre-fill the registration form. If you're not sure if you've already registered for 2016 (registration for 2016 was open on the last day of CON.TXT 2014), log in to check.

If you have any trouble, contact us and we'll sort it out!

We look forward to seeing you next July!

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