VidUKon 2015 Reminder!

Jan. 28th, 2015 10:32 pm
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VidUKon 2015 Reminder

Hello everyone!

This is a reminder that registration is currently open for VidUKon 2015. Have you bought your membership yet? It's just over four months until the con, and while attending registrations are currently £40, but on April 10th the cost of an attending membership will go up to £52. Non-attending memberships will be available until registration closes on May 15th and cost £16 right up until registration closes.

So, you're thinking of attending the con or helping support the con through a non-attending membership. That already makes you marvellous! Here are some of the things you need to know:

Additional attending registration options:

* Saturday night dinner - we're currently negotiating with the hotel to arrange a menu for a three-course meal (with vegetarian options). Expect an announcement in the (hopefully) near future confirming the cost and menu options.

* Plus one tickets for Saturday night. These tickets will include access to the Premieres show and dinner.


We're going to open the forum for the discussion on shows and panels for the convention imminently. Very imminently, if that isn't a redundant tautology. If you're registered with the website, you can join in the conversation. It doesn't cost anything to register, so come and join in the conversation. Now may be the chance for you to volunteer to arrange that vid show you've always wanted to see...

If you can't attend but would like to put something together, let us know too! We'll give priority to registered attendees but it's certainly possible to put together a vid show remotely, and if anyone wants to Skype in a panel or something, that could be awesome.

As with last year, we'll be running VirtUKon alongside VidUKon. Anyone with an attending or non-attending membership will be able to watch the vidshows through the website and see the panels streaming live, spirits of the internet willing. Everyone will get access to VirtUKon a few days after the convention finishes, but if you want to join in or watch along in real time, an attending or non-attending membership is the way to go.

The flagship show of the convention is Premieres. Anyone can submit a vid to Premieres. If you're reading this post, you can submit a vid. The only caveat is that the vid must not have been released anywhere else prior to the con, and every attending and non-attending member of the convention will receive a copy of your video on the convention DVD that's issued. You'll also receive all the appropriate credit in the convention program - which also goes out to all members - and live on in the annals of internet history forever. Don't waste time, though - the deadline for submitting Premieres is April 27th.

Hotel Details:

The con hotel is Future Inns in Cardiff Bay. More details about room rates, facilities and so on can be found at the VidUKon website.

We've reserved a block of rooms - to book one of these, mention to the hotel that you're attending the VidUKon convention when you book. This option is available until April 17th. Depending on which nights you want to book a room for, the following rates apply:

Friday night - £76 for single occupancy, or £85.50 for double occupancy
Saturday night - £89 for single occupancy, or £98.50 for double occupancy.

Those prices include breakfast. For a small additional charge, additional people can stay in each room. The rooms go up to a maximum occupancy of four people, and as a rule of thumb, the charge for adding someone beyong the double occupancy rate was approximately £30 per person last year. There's a thread on the forum for those either looking for roommates or advertising room, and we'll be posting reminders via twitter regularly in the run up to the convention.


There are wheelchair-accessible rooms available at the hotel, and step-free access to the con rooms.

Our full accessibility policy is available here, including information about content notes for vid shows. If you have specific questions or concerns about any access issue, please contact the con at
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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to talk about this subject, but I'd like to let people know about the Fanlore chatroom that has been set up for us. I try to idle in there when I can, but so far, I've never seen another user there. 😨

If you want to chew the fat and fart around with your fellow Fanlore peeps in real time, check it out. Let's create some silly usernames, argue about which version of Blade Runner is the best (it's the Final Cut release, btw), or even just chat a bit.
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Hi you all,

I'm back to doing front squats and I'm at a loss at what to do with my arms and how to even begin fixing it. Read more... )

Vid: Let Me Inside (Survivors)

Jan. 22nd, 2015 09:02 pm
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Title: Let Me Inside
Song: Acts of Man by Midlake
Fandom: Survivors (BBC 1975)
Length: 2.56 mins
Warnings: Apocalyptic theme, some guns. No real spoilers.
Vid Summary: Abby, Jen, & Greg, still here after the apocalypse is over.

Over at my Dreamwidth journal.
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Hi, vidfans! We've been getting inquiries about signing up for the con, so I would like to share with you the dates for VividCon registration! As you may recall from our previous announcements, VividCon 2015 will take place at our customary venue, the SpringHill Suites Chicago O'Hare, on August 7-9, 2015.

Attending member registration will open on Saturday, February 28th around noon ET. Remember that we have not been selling out in recent years with the membership cap at 140, so we expect that memberships will continue to be available throughout opening weekend and well beyond. Attending memberships are priced at $100/person.

Attending members may also choose to purchase a Friday night Club Vivid bar wristband for $25.00 and/or a Saturday taco bar lunch ticket for $20.00. Extra DVD sets are available to attending members for $15 each (up to a maximum of 3). Attending members may also choose to reserve a space on our "Orphan Vids" table for a flat fee of $10/person. (The "Orphan Vids" table is a spot in the con suite where we facilitate the sale of your own personal or collaborative vid DVD release(s) (or other tangible media format) during staffed con suite hours and collect the money for you for a flat fee.)

Hotel room reservation codes will be available once attending member registration is underway.

We will start offering 2015 supporting memberships around March 21st, after the initial spate of attending member registrations has been sorted. Supporting memberships cost $40 each and include a con DVD set and con program to be mailed to you at the end of the con.

Thanks, and we hope to see you at the con in August!
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Title: The Heroes' Journey
Vidder: thedeadparrot
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda
Characters: Link, Zelda
Length: 1:44
Summary: It's dangerous to go alone.
Music: Jim Guthrie - "The Maelstrom"
Footage: Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Windwaker, Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword
Notes: In order to get all this footage, I used several Let's Plays as source material for this vid. I'll link to them in the secondary author's notes.

streaming, downloads, and more notes:
LJ | DW | AO3
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Like for example, I recently noticed that when doing sideplanks, it is somewhat easier on one side than the other, i.e. I could hold the plank longer on one side than the other if I hold it as long as possible. Also when doing split squats, I can do it slightly easier on my left than my right leg. How do I best help the "weaker" side to catch up in an exercise?

New Vid: Joy to the City [Fringe]

Jan. 18th, 2015 09:09 pm
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Vid Title Joy to the City
fandom Fringe
song: "Joy to You Baby" by Josh Ritter
vidder: seekingferret
Warnings: None that I can think of, tell me if I missed something
summary Etta's full season 5 arc.

Link to the Vid

New Vid: Dark Paradise [Inception]

Jan. 18th, 2015 11:59 am
ghost_lingering: Crichton got hit with a television set (fandom: we have DOLLUCKS!)
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Title: Dark Paradise
Fandom: Inception with additional footage from La Vie en Rose & the 1940 version of Gaslight
Song: Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey
Summary: Infecting people with an idea is no new thing. It has been happening in abusive relationships for years.
Content Notes: suicide & abusive relationships

Link: vid post on my journal with both streaming & d/l options

Dreamwidth News: 18 January 2015

Jan. 18th, 2015 10:00 pm
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Hello, Dreamwidth! Greetings from glorious Auckland, NZ, where we've been for this year's (It was a great conference! But then, it always is.) We decided to sneak in a code push while we were here, since we were in the same place and code pushes are always more fun when you can yell across the room when something breaks.

Behind the cut:

* Development
* Responsive-design conversion
* Reading page: custom colors for accounts going away
* Quicker Reply: reply from your reading page
* Warnings when you don't keyword an icon
* The country list
* SSL Everywhere

Dreamwidth News, 18 Jan 2015 )
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We've finished pushing the new code and will be working on fixing immediately obvious bugs now!

We're looking into problems with the new Create/Edit entries page not working properly on Chrome.

(no subject)

Jan. 18th, 2015 08:21 pm
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We are (inevitably) running a little bit late -- the code push will begin in about half an hour or so. We'll update this entry when we're beginning.

This code push contains some rewrites/conversions of various pages on the site, so things will look a little different than what you're used to. The most obvious change will probably be to the Create Entry page -- it's not a redesign, and things will continue to behave the exact same way they have been, they'll just look a little bit different. Do not adjust the horizontal, do not adjust the vertical.

EDIT: Sorry, [staff profile] mark got started before I could update! We are in the middle of pushing now.

Downtime & Server Upgrade Updates

Jan. 17th, 2015 09:44 pm
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You may have noticed some brief downtime this week, when AO3 needed to do some emergency database maintenance. Luckily, Systems was able to finish up database work on Thursday without any additional downtime \o/.

This was not related to our server upgrade earlier this month, which was successful and gave us plenty of new disk space. We are still working on transferring over our spambot-prevention tools, so if you've noticed a minor uptick in spam on the wiki not to worry, things will be back to normal shortly.

We should be downtime-free for the foreseeable future, but, as always, contact the Wiki committee if you experience any problems with the site.

Code push on Saturday/Sunday

Jan. 16th, 2015 06:28 pm
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We will be doing a code push this weekend! [staff profile] mark, [staff profile] fu, and I are in New Zealand for Linux Conf AU, so the code push is planned for Sunday, 18 January, at 8PM New Zealand time (GMT +13). (See this in your time zone.) This is Sunday 2AM EST/7AM GMT/Saturday 11PM PDT.

We'll update you again right before we're ready to get started.

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