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Still watching my new Farscape dvd's for the first time. There was a brief hiatus finishing a vid for Vividcon (all done, uploaded, woo!) and since then I've watched a bunch of eps from Season 1, including Jeremiah Crichton, A Human Reaction and Through the Looking Glass.

Jeremiah Crichton: Okay, I'd been warned it would suck, and it kinda did, but it was mostly just dull and paternalistic in an oldschool TNG kind of way. Most of all, it has a Terrible Beard in a starring role. It's entirely unfair to the viewer to show us John Crichton with his shirt off but IN A HORRIBLE GLUED-ON BEARD WTF! Ahem. Yeah, that sums up my reaction to the whole ep.

A Human Reaction: Owwww. This, as it turns out, was the "it's not real, just a test set up by aliens" episode, well known from pretty much every other SF series ever. (Probably starting with the ST:TOS pilot and also The Empath, which is basically 45 minutes of self-sacrificing hurt/comfort fanfic.) But holy crap, was this grim and scary and believable.

I admire how in almost all the other versions, the aliens are testing, ya know, Do Humans Have Compassion Y/N or whatever, and the answer is always Yes Humans Are Awesome and everyone feels good about themselves, yay, but in Farscape, the question is "Would Humans Kill Us If We Landed On Their Planet Y/N?" and the answer is "Yes OMG, Do Not Approach, These Freaks Are Worse Than Peacekeepers." 

I particularly loved how we got to hear the aliens actually speaking in their own language -- no subtitles, either -- and Aeryn sticking out her tongue to catch the rain.

Through the Looking Glass: I saw the ep title and said "Oh, they're not going to do a mirror universe ep right after the alien test ep, are they?" I was particularly worried about Crichton in a beard AGAIN. But no, this was actually pretty cool, with the schism in light/sound/whatever, and I think my favorite bit was John telling Chiana "I thought you were Miss Junior Tough Chick of the Universe?" when she's being a brat again. Hee. I am not a big fan of Chiana, so far, she seems a bit grating and one-note, but I hope she will improve.

Oh no, wait! My favorite bit was a wonderful exchange where John is worried Aeryn won't restart the engines the exact way Pilot told him to, and she is all *eyeroll* "I KNOW what to do" and then proves it by rattling off the whole string of instructions Pilot gave him.

John: "It's going to be hard to doubt you in future."
Aeryn, with a big smile: "Well, I apologize for my strengths!"

<3 <3 <3 Aeryn. That is all.

Comments very welcome, just please don't spoil me for specific events to come!

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Date: 2011-06-30 07:56 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] arevhat
Chiana grated on me at first but then she somehow became my favorite television/film character ever. She even changed the type of character I fall for and prefer (I used to go for women like Scully or Aeryn). Gigi is just a phenomenal actress who gives Chiana such a fragile strength and irresistible vibrance...I love the physicality of the role too, so alien. You may never flail over her like I do, but she is most definitely not one-note, and her behavior in these early episodes is understandable and even enjoyable once you know more about her past - she has no reason to trust these people or their kindness with nothing asked of her in return, it's alien to her and she's testing their limits to see if they mean it.

Through the Looking Glass is one of my favorite S1 episodes, and the John & Aeryn scenes in the blue world are too, too cute.

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Date: 2011-06-30 02:06 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] arevhat
That's a pretty impressive ratio.

Indeed :)

Loving Chiana often depends on understanding her; understanding her is often difficult but well worth it in my opinion. She is the kind of character I still tend to hate on paper, but the writing and acting combine to make her much more complicated and interesting than you would think possible at first.

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